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2068817 - Permissions - Anonymous 360 Processes - 360 Multi Rater


Learn how to effectively use the application for anonymous 360 cycles.


SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi Rater


It is possible to configure a 360 to have varying levels of anonymity. For example, you can say that a manager will see the 360 named, but the employee will see the 360 as anonymous. Or, the employee can see responses from their manager or peers as named, but can only see responses from their direct reports as anonymous. That being said, there is currently no way to grant someone with the ability to remove a participants comments. Even if you can see who said what, you can't remove the comments.

Can we change from Public to Anonymous or back After Launch?

  • No. Our configuration of levels of anonymity must be done at the time the form is created. This means, before the 360 review process, you need to know who you want to grant access to see named participants. Also, once the form is created and the process kicked off, you can't change that. So it's not really an on/off switch, it's more of a configuration.

Using  Roll Up for Unmet Thresholds

  • You can enhance anonymity by having your program configured to leverage roll ups. Please contact your Professional Services team if you do not have this as part of your configuration. They can discuss the options available. A common example is if a certain number of responses are not given for a category then those are rolled up into another category making it more difficult for a person to guess who made the comments.

Enable enhanced Detailed 360 Report anonymity

  • Go to Admin Center > Form Template Settings > Select your template > Enable enhanced Detailed 360 Report anonymity.
    You can display comments without showing the Rater Category, and you can now disable the Expand Categories option. You can make these changes at the template level by enabling this feature.

Reporting which anonymous participants haven't completed their forms

  • In an anonymous 360 process, is there a way to see what participants haven't completed their forms?
  • Yes, the 360 Spreadsheet report can tell the admin who has not completed their 360 yet and allow follow up. The report doesn't indicate for whom the 360 is for, just that they have been asked to evaluate someone and it hasn't yet been completed.

Ensure participant anonymity (i.e. reading comments, making sure enough participants were included to protect anonymity based on category)


Configuration of rater-id-permission

This element (<rater-id-permission>) defines who can see the rater identities in which routing step.

This only makes sense in an *Open* 360 in which a customer can choose to hide rater identities in certain 360 routing steps, including 360 Evaluation Stage and Completed Stage.

For 360 Evaluation Stage, use this special stepid: "360EvaluationStage"

For Completed Stage, use this special stepid: "CompletedStage"

Add the following XML in the meta section after

<meta-cat hidden-threshold="0" min-count="0" max-count="2147483647" ><![CDATA[Self]]></meta-cat>


Example 1: The following example hides all rater identities for all users in all stages; that is, every rater is shown as Anonymous and in effect it turns an Open 360 to an Anonymous 360:

<rater-id-permission type="none">



<route-step stepid="*"/>



<rater-id-permission type="none">


<route-step stepid="*"/>



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