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2068683 - Participants - Description of the Roles Involved in the 360 Process - 360 Multi Rater


  • There are five main roles in a 360 review process. While the roles are distinct, a single person can hold multiple roles. For example, the employee's manager can be both an Approver and a Participant, and possibly the Originator. The following table describes each role.


  • 360 Multi Rater


The originator generates the new 360 form.

  • In the SuccessFactors Application, the person who generates a new form automatically assumes the role of Originator. The only responsibility of the Originator is to create a new form. The Originator is often a Human Resources staff member, the employee, or the employee's manager. There can only be one originator.


The "Subject" is the employee who is being reviewed on the form.

  • There can only be one Subject per form.


The Process Owner:
  • distributes the form to participants, and starts the evaluation phase of the review process. Informally, the Process Owner oversees the entire review event.
  • In the SuccessFactors Application, the person who actually clicks the button that distributes the form to people for evaluation automatically assumes the role of Process Owner. Generally, one person is officially assigned this role prior to the start of the review event; however, technically, anyone involved during the approval phase of the 360 process can potentially become the Process Owner. For example, the Process Owner can be the Originator, subject of the form, or the employee's manager.
  • The Process Owner has a number of responsibilities that no other person involved in the review process has. For example, only the Process Owner can add and remove participants once the review is in-progress.
  • There can only be one Process Owner.
  • You can now manage Process Owner changes that happen during a 360 Review event directly from Admin Tools, meaning now when a Process Owner leaves, you can move forms to the replacement Process Owner. To do so, first make sure you have permission to do this activity. To grant permission, go to Admin Tools> Manage Security > Administrative Privileges > Managing Documents and select the Change 360 Process Owner checkbox. Then when you want to make the changes, go to Admin Tools > Managing Documents > Change 360 Process Owner. (MTR-1398)
The "Approver" :
  • When the form is in the approval phase, reviews the form content and choice of participants, and makes changes to the form (as required) or authorizes the content. In addition, some
  • Approvers can be Privileged Approvers, meaning that they were granted additional permissions by the WPM Administrator to manage and work with the feedback data at the end of the review event. There can be multiple Approvers. Your company's review process determines who can be involved as Approvers. If a role is part of the route map they will be considered an approver.
  • Often, Approvers are the employee's manager, peers, or Human Resource representatives.
  • "Participant Reviewer" - When the form is in the evaluation phase, receives the 360 form and reviews the Subject. Participant Reviewers are only involved when the form is in the evaluation phase, and are expected to provide evaluation feedback about the Subject. The Subject can also be a Participant. When this is the case, the Subject is doing a self-assessment. Participant Reviewers have the option to accept of decline the invitation to participate in the review event. Declined reviewers aren't included in the feedback results. Generally, there are multiple Participants.


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