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2043737 - Excel Report Time Out errors


This documentation explains the points to be considered when it comes to Excel Report errors caused by a time out during:  the report execution, by Inserting the Report via Excel Add in or when Refresh via Excel add in.

Most common error messages: 

  • Unexpected error in server communication
  • Unexpected error during backend processing
  • Out of Memory Exception

Reproducing the Issue

Some Use Cases

  • Point 1:  Sometimes the excel report works fine and sometimes it doesn’t. Why ?

                Just a matter of few KB’s extra could create a difference. And same is the reason why sometimes this works. Number of Rows alone is not the culprit; even more columns can make the data set larger.

  • Point 2: How many Rows is acceptable to Insert or Run a Excel report without the mentioned errors ?

For the same reason as Point 1, we cannot give a benchmark figure which says more than XX rows. It really depends on the data

  • Point 3: For What reason we do not have an official documentation in the system which can precise or set the boundaries of Data Volume that cannot be viewed in an excel report ?

                We cannot document this just as X MB of data volume, because this also depends on the client configuration. If one have a big RAM capacity, it's possible to process more XML data.

 So it all depends on the OS and the RAM and how much bulk allocation of RAM the system allows.

  • Point 4: Is there any plan to make such documentation available ?

The development has agreed that we should have a benchmark and threshold document with all these parameters involved. We do plan to make the excel Add in better by chunking the data in multiple calls so that end user could not frequently see this issue;


The large amount of data being fetched might leads to Time Out in the system response, as consequence the Excel Add-In throws an error. In such cases, the Excel add-in usually cannot handle such huge data, by resulting in memory exception.


You can prevent the dump by using the Paging option. As consequence, the rendering results is very quickly and the response time is improved.


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