1988515 - No Automatic Payment Allocation after Posting Manual Bank Statement

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1988515 - No Automatic Payment Allocation after Posting Manual Bank Statement


A bank statement is created manually. Payment methods and customer/supplier references as well as references to open documents are recorded. After posting the bank statement the bank statement items still show as Postprocessing Required and payment allocations have to be conducted manually.

Reproducing the Issue

The statement is generated in the Liquidity Management work center.

  1. Go to the Bank Statements view.
  2. Via New choose Bank Statement.
  3. Specify the desired and consistent parameters for bank account, dates and balances.
  4. In step 2 Select Items you already have the possibility to assign open payments.
  5. In step 3 Create and Edit Items particular payment transactions can be specified with numerous criteria.
  6. In case the banks statement fulfills consistency requirement it can be posted.
  7. The payment allocation can be accessed either via the column Postprocessing in the posted statement or in the Payment Management work center / Payment Allocation view.


Conditions for an automatic payment allocation are not met.

In case self-initiated payments shall be allocated, we need most notably a congruence of bank account data in the existing payment and the bank statement transaction. Moreover the payment method as shown in the bank statement has to match the payment method assigned in the existing payment.

For open receivables/payables documents to be allocated and cleared, a concise assignment of business partner and document id has to be made.


Example Self-initiated Outgoing Bank Transfer

  • Payment XYZ of type Outgoing Bank Transfer has been created (e.g. via a payables payment run) and is in status In Transfer.
  • This payment is now confirmed in a manual bank statement and should have been assigned already in step 2 Select Items.
  • In step 3 Create and Edit Items however the payment method Other Outgoing Payments has been selected.

An automatic allocation will not happen, since the payment method as specified in payment and bank statement differ.

In case payment XYZ has been generated against bank account ABC while the bank statement concerns house bank account DEF - an automatic allocation also will not be conducted.

Example open Customer Invoice

  • A customer invoice is referenced in the manual bank statement showing the Document ID GHI-X.
  • GHI-X however represents the External Document ID and this field has been left blank (if not shown this field can be made visible via Personalize).

An automatic allocation will not happen. Moreover the document has to be open for clearing (e.g. no clearing proposal should be already be assigned to an invoice).


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