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1976098 - How to capture unplanned delivery cost in supplier invoice without reference to purchase order.


You have Created a Purchase Order ABC for Supplier XYZ.

Later you made a Goods Receipt and subsequently Invoiced it,making the status of the Purchase Order ABC Finsihed.

Now you want to capture unplanned Delivery cost like Freight/Transportation/Handling Charge  from a different Supplier DEF such that this unplanned cost is distributed upon Product Price.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work centre.
  2. Go to Invoice Entry view.
  3. Select show All Orders, click go.

you can see that for the Purchase Order ABC, the Invoicing Status is Invoiced and Delivery Status is Completely Delivered.


Since you have already invoice the Delivery Invoice Request, there are no open invoice request.

Hence Invoicing Status is Invoiced. This is standard system behaviour.


You have to create a New Invoice Without Purchase Order for Supplier DEF to capture unplanned delivery cost. To do so,

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work centre.
  2. Navigate to New Invoice Without Purchase Order.
  3. Provide mandatory details like Supplier , External Document ID, Invoice Date, Receipt Date and Posting Date.
  4. Select View All.
  5. Navigate to Page Items.
  6. Choose Add Row under sub-view Items.
  7. Select type Additional Cost Debit Item.
  8. Provide an appropriate Description, Tax code , Quantity, Net-Price
  9. Navigate to Sub-view Item Details and choose Cost Distribution.
  10. Select Distribute among other invoices or credit memos.
  11. Provide the Invoice ID ABC and Item Id AA against the option Invoice ID / Item ID in the opened dialog box.
  12. Choose Distribute.
  13. Repeat the same procedure for all line item of Invoice against which you plan to distribute.
  14. Click Ok.
  15. Choose Calculate Total Amounts from the drop down list of Action button.
  16. Save and Post.

Note :

  1. If an invoice item is a service item, for which freight costs do not apply. To exclude this item from cost distribution, select the item and click Exclude Item from Cost Distribution. The system adjusts the distribution of the freight costs and distributes them among other invoice items only. 
  2. This additional cost item invoice can only be seen in the document flow of Supplier Delivery. It will not be available in Purchase order document flow nor in Delivery Supplier Invoice.
  3. For a material subject to moving average price control, unplanned delivery costs are posted to the stock account, provided that there is sufficient stock coverage.
  4. For a material subject to standard price control, unplanned delivery costs are posted to a price difference account.


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