1962207 - System Does Not Display Allocated Stock in Projected Material Flow Report

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1962207 - System Does Not Display Allocated Stock in Projected Material Flow Report


You have ordered a Purchase Order with Quantity X. When you monitor relevant purchase order, found that system shows Open Quantity X with Site A hence Overdue and has not been delivered yet.

Now when you check the Allocated Stock for a product expecting with respect to same purchase order using Projected Material Flow report, system shows Zero Allocated stock in Site A.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supply Control Work Center.
  2. Select  Monitor Purchase Orders View.
  3. Choose All Purchase Order Items By Selection in the field Show using drop down.
  4. Search for the relevant Purchase Order which you have ordered.
  5. In the Overview Screen itself, you can see there is an Open Quantity X for a Product against that Order.
  6. Now navigate to Inbound Logistics Work Centre.
  7. Select Project Material Flow sub view under Common Tasks View.
  8. Choose Site ID and Product ID using value selection.
  9. Select Go.

 Here you can see On -Hand Stock quantity but system does not display Allocated Stock for a product with respect to a Site A.


In the Projected Material Flow calculations, system includes the Inventory Allocations, as well as Inventory, Warehouse Request and Production Request Documents.

Since there is no Warehouse Request created for the Purchase Order therefore system unable to show an Allocated Stock in the Projected Material Flow screen.


  1. Go to Inbound Logistics Work Center.
  2. Go to Purchase Orders View.
  3. Search for the relevant Purchase Order ID in the field Show using drop down.
  4. Select the Purchase Order ID.
  5. Create Inbound Delivery Notification with Warehouse Request ID for the purchase order using button New Supplier Delivery Notification.

Once you perform the above steps, Warehouse Request ID would get created and then the system will be able to show the Allocated Stock with Quantity X against the Warehouse Request in the Projected Material Flow Report.


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