1960660 - Leading Zeros for Employee ID's are Truncated

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1960660 - Leading Zeros for Employee ID's are Truncated


You have a requirement to create Employees with leading Zero but when you enter the ID like that, system remove the leading Zeros.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Personnel Administration work center.
  2. Select Regular Tasks view.
  3. Select Hire Employee.
  4. Enter the Employee ID with the mandatory information
  5. Save the Hiring with the Employee ID with leading zeros

Note: Number Range for Employees is with Interval Type Manual.


This is expected system behavior.

When you have a Employee with ID only numeric, then the leading zero are always truncated.

But, you can have leading zero for Employee ID, in case if the Employee ID has letters. For Example: 00123A.

Note: While the length of prefix values is checked generically against the total length of the numbers and the length of the interval boundaries, a check regarding alpha conversion is currently not foreseen.



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