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1960413 - Error Message: Catastrophic Failure or unable to load local library or Not enough storage to edit the template while opening Form Template


While opening Form Template using Add-in for Adobe LiveCycle Designer, you have recieved below error.

Catastrophic Failure or Unable to load local library or Not enough storage to edit the template.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Application and User Management Work center.
  2. Select Business Flexibility view.
  3. Click on Form Template Maintenance.
  4. Click on Go.
  5. Select any Form template.
  6. Click on Open and then Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer.


To open Form template in Online Mode (from Bydesign system), the Internet Explorer must be Compatibility Mode.


In Internet Explorer perform following checks.

Check the IE status bar (it appears at the bottom of the browser) for the Bydesign url. If it shows Protected Mode: Then it needs to be set to Off for Bydesign url. To do so follow the steps listed below :

  • Open Internet Explorer Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Select Trusted Sites zone.
  • Check that under the Security Level for this zone, Enable Protected Mode checkbox is not ticked.
  • Click on Sites button and enter the Bydesign url (if it’s not pre-filled) in the text box appearing before the Add button and click on the Add button.
  • Now on visiting the Bydesign url, the protected mode should come as Off.

and then

In the Command bar, go to Tools , click to get a drop down and select Compatibility View settings. Here you can exercise any of the two options:

  • Select the Checkbox Display all websites in Compatibility View and click on Close button. This will render all the websites accessed via IE9 in the Compatibility View.
  • Add individual website to the Compatibility View. To do so, mention the byd-url in the Textbox adjacent to the Add button. The textbox comes prefilled with the website url in case the website is already open in the browser window. Click on the Add button and then click on Close. This will render the added website in Compatibility View when accessed via IE9.

If above step doesn't help resolve the error then follow below step.

Clean up the system environment temp folder.

  • To know the path of the temp folder, go to Start Button, click on Run and type 'cmd' to open the command prompt.
  • Type 'echo %temp%' in the command prompt. This would show the temp folder path. Also type 'echo %tmp%' and check that the folder path shown is same as that shown earlier.
  • Navigate to the temp folder and clean up the files/folders present in temp folder. Even if all files/folders are not deleted , please try to clean up the Low folder inside the temp folder.



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