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1891041 - E-Mail activate subscriptions for Business Task Management is Greyed out


You want to enable business users to be notified by e-mail about new Business Task Management items but E-mail Channel option is Greyed out.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Home work center.
  2. Select Inbox view under Work section.
  3. Click on Subscribe to Tasks. The Task Subscriptions screen will be opened.
  4. The checkboxes under E-mail column are grayed out and you cannot select them.


This can be caused by 2 reasons , The Task Notification Using E-mail Channel option is not enabled in the Project Scope or  the In-House Communication E-mail has not been added to the business user(Employee/Service Agent).


Case 1:

  1. On the Implementation Projects view of the Business Configuration work center, click New to create a new change project. To edit the scope of a project created previously, select the project and click Edit Project Scope. The New Change Project or Edit Change Project guided activity is displayed.
  2. Go to Questions step.
  3. Expand Communication and Information Exchange and then Business Process Management options.
  4. Select Business Task Management option.
  5. Check Yes for the following question:
    Do you want to use e-mail to notify business users about Business Task Management items?
  6. Go to Review step and then click Finish.

Case 2(Service Agent):

  1. Go to Work center Business Partner Data.
  2. Choose view Service Agents.
  3. Choose the desired service agent.
  4. Choose General under Edit button.
  5. Click on link Copy Address under In-House Address.
  6. Allocate the desired address to the service agent once you allocate the In-House Address the field E-mail will be enabled under In-House Communication.
  7. Enter the In-House Communication details, such as E-mail etc.
  8. Review the details and click Save to save the details.

Case 2(Employee):

  1. Go to the Personnel Administration work center.
  2. Go to the Regular Tasks view.
  3. Under Personal Changes, select Change Workplace Contact Data.
  4. Enter your employee id in the field Employee.
  5. You can maintain your email address here.
  6. This will reflect under Home work center, Edit my contact data subview.


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