1880795 - Error Message "Enter planning group" When Removing a Planning Group ID From a Material

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1880795 - Error Message "Enter planning group" When Removing a Planning Group ID From a Material


When you create a Material, it is possible to save a Material without Planning Group ID (active Planning Area without Planning Group ID assigned). However it is not possible to remove Planning Group ID, once it has been assigned and saved once on the Material Master.

When you try to remove the Planning Group ID and save, system throws below error message,

Enter planning group

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Product Data work center.
  2. Select Materials view.
  3. Select a Material and select Edit button.
  4. Go to Planning tab.
  5. Add a Planning Area (do not enter the Planning Group ID) and required details in other tabs.
  6. Save the Material. Save is sucessful.
  7. Now, go to Planning tab again.
  8. Add a Planning Group ID for a Planning Area.
  9. Save the Material.
  10. Now, remove the Planning Group ID and upon attempting to save the Material, system throws above error message.


Here is the explanation, why the system is designed as such.

Let start from Demand Planning work center, A Demand Plan can be created to work on multiple Products. To make user's job easy, you club togther 10 Products in a group (Planning Group) and then assign this Group to a Demand Plan. What Demand Plan does is to copy all these 10 Products and then forgets the Group. Now, if you remove the Planning Group ID in the Material, there is no way for Demand Plan to know that it has to remove this Product from further processing.

Therefore this check happens when the Planning Group is maintained once.


The system works as designed.

This is a new requirement and will be considered in one of future release of Business ByDesign but we can not say anything about which release this feature will come.


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