1869059 - How to find SAP Lumira on the SAP Software Download Center

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1869059 - How to find SAP Lumira on the SAP Software Download Center


  • Download Lumira (formerly SAP Visual Intelligence)
  • Cannot find Lumira software on SAP Download Center
  • Where can the SAP Lumira software be downloaded from?


  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Support Portal
  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad


If you cannot find or download SAP Lumira possible reasons may be:

  • The software is not licensed for your company
  • Your S-user ID does not have the Software download authorization
  • You do not know where the software is located on the SAP Software Download Center
  • SAP Lumira, server version for SAP HANA (LS4H) is now a restricted download.


First, your S-User ID needs the Software download authorization. To check your authorizations go to https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/user/authorizations. If you need the authorization please contact an Administrator at your company. Refer to SAP Knowledge Base Article 1271517.


Go to https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/softwarecenter

In the search, select "Downloads" in the dropdown menu and search for "Lumira".

If your company is licensed for SAP Lumira, you will see the download on the SAP Software Download Center:

/*not yet sure WHAT is displayed if not licensed

  1. Click Installations and Upgrades
  2. Click My Company's Application Components and a new browser window will open
  3. Click My Company's Software. If your company is licensed, you will see SAP Lumira

not yet sure WHAT is displayed if not licensed*/

If you do not see SAP Lumira, contact your SAP Account Manager to get the licensed booked. If you are unsure who your SAP Account Manager is, please contact the SAP Customer Interaction Center (see SAP Note 560499). Or if needed contact the SAP Contracts Department. Refer to SAP Knowledge Base Article 1660069.

For LS4H please see Knowledge Base Article "2195103 - SAP Lumira server version for SAP HANA and SAP Lumira Cloud are retiring"

See Also

Lumiara Personal Edition: http://sap.com/trylumira

See also SAP Knowledge Base Article 1869028 - How to request a license key for SAP Lumira

Get prepared for the new Download Basket

Last October, I explained in a blog post about the SAP ONE Support Launchpad’s new password policy why you may end up having to memorize two different passwords to access the SAP support infrastructure: In addition to the modern applications housed in the launchpad, there are still some legacy support tools on a legacy platform. Today, I have got good news for you: SAP is about to significantly reduce the number of touchpoints with that old infrastructure.

On March 3rd, 2018, the new Download Basket will go live. The Download Basket is the list of software files that you selected on your journey through the SAP Software Download Center, and that you intend to download with the help of the SAP Download Manager. Until recently, basket and files were hosted on the service.sap.com platform (SAP Service Marketplace). It is this very platform that does not support state-of-the-art passwords.

So, to cut a long story short: Once the new Download Basket has gone live, you can use your modern launchpad password to download software files.

To make the transition easy for you, the user interface of the Download Basket will not change, nor will its URL. Furthermore, most items in your current Download Basket will be migrated to the new one. However, to start with a clean slate, download objects that were added before 2017 will no longer be shown in the new list. (Quite frankly, why would anyone add something to their basket, and then let it sit there and go stale for more than a year?)

What you should do now

You may want to check if your Download Basket contains files that you have forgotten to download. Furthermore, if you use the SAP Download Manager to retrieve software files from the basket, make sure that you run the most recent version. How to do this? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter the SAP Download Basket to check if it contains any files from 2016 or before. If it does, you can either download or delete them:
    1. Download all still relevant files, either one-by-one by clicking the title, or through mass download using the SAP Download Manager.
    2. Use the checkboxes to mark those files that you are not interested in, and click the Delete icon (X) to remove them from the basket. Or don’t do anything at all: In the new Download Basket, old files won’t show up anyway.

There is no rush to download items that you added in 2017 or 2018. They will be listed in your new Download Basket.

  1. Make sure that you have version 3.1.1 of the SAP Download Manager installed on your local computer. To do so, start the tool, then click Help à About SAP Download Manager.
  2. If you run a version older than 3.1.1, download and install the newest one.
  3. Now we have to make sure that the SAP Download Manager connects to the new file storage system. In the tool’s menu bar, click View, then Download Manager Configuration…, and select the Connection tab. Enter the address https://tech.support.sap.com. Do not use the address https://service.sap.com anymore!
  4. From now on, if you log on, use your S-user ID and – important! – your SAP ONE Support Launchpad password.



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