1815166 - Cannot Assign Projects or Project Tasks in Sales Orders

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1815166 - Cannot Assign Projects or Project Tasks in Sales Orders


You are creating a sales order and it is not possible to assign the project or project tasks to the sales order item for the project type Multi Customer Project. (MCP)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales orders view.
  3. Open the relevant sales order.
  4. Navigate to the Items tab.
  5. Enter the Product ID.
  6. Select the project type MCP from the value help.
  7. No results are displayed for project type MCP.


The project with type Multi Customer Project (MCP) can be used for normal standardized services and not for sell project based services. This means there is no customer assigned in case of MCP and hence you cannot create Customer Project Invoice Request out of that. Hence for invoicing purpose, you can create customer invoices directly using the sales order. But in case of other project types for example: Customer Project with sales integration, you can follow the entire process of invoicing such as Sales Order -> Customer Project Invoice Request-> Customer Invoice.


You can link the MCP type project to a sales order item in case of Services. There are different item types for which you can link MCP's to a sales order item.
Service - Fixed price.
Service - Time and Material.
Service - Fixed price without actuals.

Other item types are related to sell project based services and hence cannot be linked to a project task of MCP type project.


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