1813053 - Empty Dynamic LOV box in Crystal Reports Designer

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1813053 - Empty Dynamic LOV box in Crystal Reports Designer


  • No List of Values (LOV).
  • Empty List of Values (LOV) box in Crystal Report.
  • In Crystal Reports, dynamic prompt has no drop-down menu and no values to select from.


  • Crystal Reports 2011

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Crystal Reports, open a report with dynamic parameters.
  2. Refresh the report.
  3. Notice there are no values in the prompt for the dynamic parameter(s).


  • The List Of Values (LOV) communication from the server is blocked by firewall on the client machine.
  • If not specified, the Business Intelligence Platform BI Server randomly selects the port number for communication, which is blocked by the client firewall.


  • Since this random port number assignment does not work within the strictly defined rules created for firewalls, the server must be assigned a permanent port to communicate with the Crystal Reports client using the switch: -requestport 
  • The switch must be added to the following servers:
    • Crystal Reports Processing Server,
    • Crystal Reports Cache Server,
    • List Of Values Job Server.
  • Below are the general steps on how to add the switch -requestport to the servers:
    1. On the SAP Business Intelligence BI Server, go to Central Configuration Manager and select: Manage Servers
    2. Right-click the server you would like to modify and from the submenu, click 'Stop'.
    3. To edit the server properties, double-click the server you stopped.
    4. On the 'Properties' tab, scroll to the end of the 'Command' field and add the following switch:
      "-requestport xxxx" (without the double quotes) where xxxx is the port number you would like to use for communication.
    5. Click 'OK' to accept the change.
    6. Right-click the server and from the submenu click, select 'Start'
    7. Repeat steps one through six for each server.


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SAP Crystal Reports 2011 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2011, feature pack 03