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1794122 - Tax Country Determination is not Correct for a 'Sale of Service' From One EU (European Union) country to Other EU Country


Tax country determination is not correct for a Sale of Service from one EU (European Union) country to other EU country.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Create a New Sales Order XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the sales order).
  4. Add the necessary details like Account, Sales Unit etc.
  5. Select the View All button and go to the Items tab.
  6. Add a service product ABC in the Items table (ABC represents the ID of the service product).
    • In this scenario the source or seller and ship-to countries DEF & GHI are member of EU respectively (DEF represents the seller country & GHI represents the destination country).
  7. Go to the Taxes subtab.
  8. The tax country determined is for the source or seller country which is DEF.

However you expect the tax country determination based on the ship-to destination GHI.


Service taxability based on destination or at source is decided by using the master data of the service.
The service used the sales order XYZ is not set up to be taxed at destination and hence is not taxable in the destination country GHI but at source country DEF.

This logic is designed as per the legal laws for the service taxability in the EU countries.


Follow the below steps to make the service taxable in the destination country GHI:

  1. Go to the Product and Service Portfolio work center.
  2. Go to the Services view.
  3. Show All Services and Find ABC (ABC represents the ID of the service product).
  4. Edit the service product ABC.
  5. Select the View All button.
  6. Go to the Sales tab and select the Taxes subtab.
  7. Use Add Row button to add the country GHI (GHI represents the destination EU country).
  8. Save the changes.

Re-trigger price calculation in the sales order and it should trigger tax re-calculation for the sales order:

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Show All Orders and Find XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the sales order).
  4. Edit the sales order XYZ and select the View All button.
  5. Go to the Pricing tab.
  6. Under the table Total Pricing -> Select the Update Pricing - Completely button.
  7. The prices and tax should get updated as per the changes done in the service master data for the destination country GHI.


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