1705052 - Expanding Xcelsius Dashboard in Infoview

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1705052 - Expanding Xcelsius Dashboard in Infoview


Is it possible to Expand or stretch dashboard according to the size of IE or viewer?


  • Xcelsius 2008
  • Dashboard Designer 4.0
  • Dashboard Designer 4.1

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Dashboard within Xcelsius or Dashboard Designer. Keep the size of canvas as 10 (Width) X 20 (Length)
  2. Deploy that within Business Objects Enterprise.
  3. View the dashboard within Infoview
  4. Note the white space right and left or the infoview.


This is due to the property of Flash Object. Flash is going to keep the size proportion to the space available within the IE or viewer.


This is by design as this is the property of Flash Object. It's not going to stretch itself to fill in the white space.

Design your dashboard, canvas size, according to the final screen you are going to show your dashboard on.

If you are going to display dashboard on screen ration 16:9, then the dashboard canvas should be designed accordingly.


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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 ; SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise 2008