1686033 - How to change the Time Zone of Customer System.

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1686033 - How to change the Time Zone of Customer System.


This case document describes the steps and prerequisites to change the time zone of customer's tenant.


These are the following causes which leads to change of time zone in a tenant.

  1. The time zone maintained in the backend tables are not consistent.
  2. The customer wants to change The Time Zone of his tenant.


1. Prerequisites

  • The customer has read and understood the document “Requesting a Time Zone Change” and requested the time zone change by creating an incident.
  • The report can only be run in the customer’s tenant (XXX).
  • The user who executes the report should have Admin authorization to change the time zone.
  • Ensure the run level is set to ADMIN before the report TENANT_TIMEZONE_CHANGE is executed.

Note: This report should only be run in “ADMIN” run-level.

  • The run-level can be reset to “RUNNING” after you have checked that the time zone change has been successful and after the time in the new time zone reaches the time in old time zone at which the process of changing the time zone started.
  • The duration for the run-level to be “ADMIN” can be calculated by referring to the “Downtime” mentioned in “Requesting a Time Zone Change” document.
  • The shift lead must be informed of time zone changes. If the customer’s downtime has to be extended because of time zone synchronization the shift lead must ensure that the run level and maintenance period are properly set afterwards.

Note: Here the "Downtime" does not mean System Downtime. You just need to set the run level to “ADMIN”.



  • Client: This is a read-only field that displays the client in which the report to change the time zone is being run.
  • Current Timezone: This is a read-only field that displays the current time zone of the client displayed in the Client field.
  • New Timezone: This is a dropdown field where the system shows all the possible timezones. Select the new time zone for the client...

Note: If in drop down could not find required time zone as like bcp 3100931795 , then please check the attached documnet "Add missing timezone to TENANT_TIMEZONE_CHANGE.docx"

After selecting the New Timezone, choose Save and the time zone will be changed.

3. Verifying the Changes

The changes made by the report can be verified by looking at the tables that were updated.

The report changes two tables; “TTZCU” and “/ISDT/C_TIMEZONE”. To verify the changes, check, in both tables, whether the field “TZONEDEF” displays the new time zone value.


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Add missing timezone to TENANT_TIMEZONE_CHANGE.docx