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1645825 - Unable to Block the Service Agent who is Also an Internal Employee


You are not allowed to block a Service Agent since he/she is also an Internal Employee. Is it an issue to have a user both set as an employee and a service provider?

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Partner Data work center.
  2. Select Business Partners view.
  3. Highlight the Business Partner of that Internal Employee.
  4. Select Create As button and choose Service agent option.
  5. Select Change Status button and choose Block option.


It is not possible to block a service agent as there is no specific role and an internal employee has always needs to be active until he/she gets terminated in Personnel Administration work center. So if an Employee has been in any point of time an internal Employee, the status of the Business Partner cannot be changed.

The status is persisted at business partner level and there is no business partner role specific status.

If the same Business Partner instance is an internal and external Employee at once, the status can't be changed anymore. The reason is that for internal Employees the status has to be always = 'Active'.

Special Case: The Service Agent is Active even after the Internal Employee is Terminated

Even though you have terminated the employee in Personnel Administration work center, the respective Business Partner remains Active because as per definition, a business partner can be used for other roles like Account, suppliers, etc. Blocking a Business Partner while terminating an employee will result in inconsistency, if the Business partner is used in any other Business transaction document (Ex: sales order, purchase order).

Although the Employee is terminated we allow not a status other than active for internal Employees. The reason for this design is consumer of internal Employees (Rehire Employee, Employee OWL, Change workplace address, Change Private Address, etc. ) counting on this system behavior. Hence, it is not possible to block/Obsolete a Business Partner which is a Internal Employee (Active or Terminated).

In cases, if the Business partner has only Service Agent role, you can block the status manually in the Business partner Data work center by using Change Status. So if an Service Agent has been in any point of time an internal Employee, the status cannot be changed.



This is general system behavior.

Note 1: Keeping the Service Agent role Active for the internal employee will not affect the any process/transactions of them.

Note 2: For the two employees who is internal employee who was hired from a Service Agent, the Time Recording must be recorded through Edit Time Sheet in Home work center or through Time Administration. You can also verify in Service Agent view of Business partner data work center, that the Edit Time Sheet button will be disabled.

Note 3: You can delete the relationship to the supplier to take care that he is not used as a service agent anymore, but blocking is not feasible.

Special Case:

If you have a Service Agent role of a terminated Employee and if it is still displaying in any business transactions (Only Value Selection). Then raise an incident to SAP, with the below details

1. List of Service Agents with the date till which they are valid?

2. Your approval to delimit the validity of the Service Agent

Note: Delimiting will not change the status of the Service Agent (which remains Active) but the Service Agent will be delimited.


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