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1645799 - For Approved Leave Requests There Is No Posting to the Time Account


You, as a time administrator, may observe for some employees no postings are recorded on their Time Accounts even after the approvals of their leave requests.

Reproducing the Issue

The employee has requested for X days of vacations and it is approved by the manager.

  1. Go to the Time Administration work center.
  2. Select the Employees view.
  3. Highlight the employee and select the Edit button.
  4. Go to the Employee Times tab.
  5. Highlight the vacation period and go to the Account Posting tab. No Postings is displayed.
  6. Go to the Time Account Balances tab, for the Time Account ABC, the Balance and Taken remain unchanged.


There are different causes that may lead to this issue:

Cause 1:

In the Business Configuration work center, if the Time Type for vacation is not configured to post on the Time Account ABC.

Cause 2:

If a wrong (set up is incorrect) Daily Model is assigned to the Time Model in the employee's time file.


Solution 1:

If the time type requires posting to the Time Account ABC, the time account must be added to the time type:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the Open Activity List button.
  4. Select the Fine-Tune chevron.
  5. Open the Time Types - <Country> activity.
  6. Select the Maintain Employee Time Types link.
  7. In the Employee Time Types section select the respective time type.
  8. In the Details area, you need to add the Time Account ABC.

Solution 2:

Complete the settings of daily model, in order to correct the Time Model assigned to the employee.

Having made the changes in Business Configuration work center and/or in the Time Model view in the Time Administration work center, the system will use the new setting for new time entries. In order to correct postings of approved leave requests in the past, you need to perform day closure run:

Option 1:

Perform a time valuation run for a single employee:

  1. Go to the Time Administration work center.
  2. Select the Regular Tasks view.
  3. Select the Run Day Closure for One Employee.
  4. Enter the employee affected and select the Start Time Valuation.
  5. Select the Run button.
  6. On the popup screen, enter the Valuation Start date and select the Ok button. Note the valuation start date should be set as far in the past as the earliest vacation has been recorded.

Option 2:

Perform a time valuation run for multiple employees via a background job:

  1. Go to the Time Administration work center.
  2. Select the Regular Tasks view.
  3. Select the Administer Day Closure Run.
  4. Select the New button and choose the Day Closure Run.
  5. Enter an ID and a description for the Run.
  6. Check the Correction Indicator flag.
  7. Enter a Correction Start Date (this date has the same meaning as the valuation start date mentioned in Option 1).
  8. In Selection Criteria enter the employees affected.
  9. Select the Save button.
  10. Select the Set to Active.
  11. Select the Schedule button.
  12. Enter the Scheduling Option (e.g. Start Immediately).
  13. Select the Save and Close button.
  14. On the screen Administer Day Closure Runs, you can select the View Jobs to check the status of the job.


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