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1636494 - Is it Possible to Delete a Holiday from a Holiday Calender?


You have observed that a particular holiday is wrongly maintained in the Holiday Calendar and would like to know, whether this holiday can be deleted?


It is not possible to delete a holiday from SAP delivered calendar, that will cause problem to existing customer those who are using this Holiday Calendar. In this case you can create your own Holiday calendar and exclude the wrong holiday (existing holiday calendar).

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select Implementation project view. 
  3. Select Open Activity list button.
  4. Select Fine Tune chevron.
  5. Select Working Day Calendar activity under Built-in support and services.
  6. Select Create new Holiday Calendar under Main Actions.
  7. Select the country from the list of countries and select the check box Use General Holiday Calendar template for selected country.
  8. Select Next button.
  9. Here you can, select or un select the required holiday from the Holiday list.
  10. To create a new holiday, Select the Add button. A new window pops up.
  11. Fill in the Name, Description and Date. (You can Provide any name of your choice).
  12. Select Ok button.
  13. Select Finish to create a New Holiday Calendar.
  14. You may want to assign newly created holiday calendar to a working day calendar. Select fine tuning activity Working Day Calendar.
  15. Select Maintain an existing Working Day Calendar.
  16. Here you need to select the Working Day Calendar. Note if you are using the SAP pre delivered working day calendar, you are not allowed to update it. So you have to create your own working day calendar to use the newly created holiday calendar.
  17. Select Next button.
  18. Here you can assign the new holiday calendar and select Next button until step 5 (Review).
  19. Select Finish button.


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