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1560783 - All string are defined with a length of 65,534 characters when reporting off a Universe in Cystal Reports


  • Wrong Database field length.
  • Size of text field all equal to 65,534 characters.
  • When viewing the Data Type in the Field Explorer or Data Explorer, all string data type are defined with [65534].
  • The field length displayed in Crystal Reports is not equal to the database field length defined in the data source.
  • When reporting off the same data source in Crystal Reports, the field length for string equal to the size defined in the data source.
  • In Crystal Reports, and Crystal Reports for Enterprise, when reporting off a Universe, all the Database Fields of data type: String, have a length of 65,534 characters.


  • Crystal Reports 2008
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Universe off any data source.
  2. Add a table to the Universe that contains database fields with various field length, like 60 characters.
  3. Publish the Universe to the SAP BusinessObjects Repository.
  4. In Crystal Reports, or Crystal Reports for Enterprise, create a report off the Universe.
  5. Notice all the string database fields displays with a field length off 65,534 characters, despite for example, it is defined as 60 characters in the database.
    Field Length.png


  • When reporting off a Universe in Crystal Reports, and in Crystal Reports for Enterprise, all the string database field are set to 65,534 characters.
  • Database fields of data type string are defined with 65,534 characters because a Universe only stores the database fields data type, and not the length of the string, but Crystal Reports stores this type of information. Since this information is not provided by the Universe, Crystal Reports has to set the database field size to the maximum size, which is 65,534.


  • The fact the database field length defined in Crystal Reports is not equal to the size defined in the data source, has no impact to the report because when the report is refreshed, Crystal Reports will in the end use the actual database fields length defined in the data source when using the data in the report.
  • If you notice performance difference, between connecting directly to the data source, versus connecting via the Universe, it is due to the extra layer of using the Universe, and not due to the string field length defined on the report.


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Crystal Reports 2008 V1 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2011 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2013