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1533989 - Error Message "No personal resource found for project confirmation for DD.MM.YYYY " While Recording Time Against a Project


When recording time against a particular project, system throws below error message:

No personal resource found for project confirmation for DD.MM.YYYY

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Project Management workcenter.
  2. Select Edit Time Sheet under Common Tasks.
  3. After fill-in the time against project, Select Save button.

System throws above error message.


In order for internal employee to book time on project task, the corresponding labor resource must be properly configured in advance based on employee's cost center and job ID.

The cause of the error might be because that there is no valid labor resource. There are 2 conditions which need to be checked for this issue:

  1. If an Employee X is assigned to a cost center XY and Job XYZ. So when trying to find a valid labor resource, the system checks whether a labor resource exists which is assigned to the employee's cost center.
  2. However, in addition a second condition needs to be fulfilled. The cost center either needs to be assigned to no job or the employee's job must be among the jobs which are assigned to the labor resource.


1.You need to create new Labor resource as per below steps:

  1. Go to Cost and Revenue workcenter.
  2. Select view Resources under Master Data Allocations.
  3. Select New button and choose Labor Resource. Note: The labor resource must have a cost center as same the employee.


2. In order to enable the system to find the resource either the job assignment of the labor resource needs to be removed, which makes the resource valid for all jobs, or the job needs to be added to the list of valid jobs for the resource. This can be done in Cost and Revenue workcenter as follows:

  1. Go to Cost and Revenue workcenter.
  2. Select view Resources under Master Data Allocations.
  3. Search for the cost center ID.
  4. Highlight the cost center and select Edit button.
  5. Select tab Valuation. If you find more than one job in the Job Assignment.
  6. You can remove both of them or add a row for Job which is assigned to the employee.

Note: If the cost rate is not set, you may need to select Maintain Cost Rate to maintain it. And if you want to assign different cost rate to the job (which is assigned to the employee)  than the other existing jobs for the labor resource, you have to create a new labor resource on combination of cost center and job with respect to the employee and assign required cost rate of your requirement.

See Also

There are other possibilities which may cause this issue. For which, you can refer the Knowledge Base document 1153144 - 'No labor resource found for project confirmation' Error when Record Time on a Project


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