1434517 - How to remove the "Main Report" tab on the Crystal Reports viewer for VS .NET

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1434517 - How to remove the "Main Report" tab on the Crystal Reports viewer for VS .NET


  • The "Main Report" tab takes up space on the viewer.
  • Sometimes it may be advantageous to remove this tab.


The code below will remove the "Main Report" tab from the viewer.

Private Sub HideReportTab(ByVal crViewer As CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.CrystalReportViewer)
        Dim control As Control
        Dim controlInPage As Control
        Dim tabs As TabControl
        For Each control In crViewer.Controls
            If TypeOf control Is CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.PageView Then
                For Each controlInPage In control.Controls
                    If TypeOf controlInPage Is TabControl Then
                        tabs = CType(controlInPage, TabControl)
                        tabs.ItemSize = New Size(0, 1)
                        tabs.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed
                    End If
            End If
 End Sub

There is a better way to control tabs in CR for VS now:

You can control the Focus default:

// if no groups in report hide the group tree in viewer

if (rptClientDoc.DataDefController.DataDefinition.Groups.Count == 0)


crystalReportViewer1.ToolPanelView = ToolPanelViewType.None;


    crystalReportViewer1.ToolPanelView = ToolPanelViewType.GroupTree;




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