1307556 - How to create an Xcelsius dashboard using Live Office connection?

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1307556 - How to create an Xcelsius dashboard using Live Office connection?


Dashboards can be designed to display data from a Live Office Connection to a Webi Document or Crystal Report. 

For best performance and rendition of the data,  a Live Office connection needs to be made.


Create a Webi Document

  1. Open the Web Intelligence Rich Client.
  2. Log into the BI Platform
  3. Click on Create a new document based on a data source icon.
  4. Select “Universe” and click “Next”
  5. Select the Universe to be used for the document and click “OK”.
  6. Create and run query.

Note:  This example includes a single parameter.

  1. Supply parameter information and “Run Query”.
  2. View and review the results.
  3. Export document to CMS.
  4. Select a location on the BI Platform for the document.
  5. Ensure the export completed successfully and click “Close”.
  6. Exit the Web Intelligence Rich Client
  7. Optionally, Save the document locally.

Creating the Connection in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click on the Live Office Tab
  3. Select Web Intelligence.
  4. Log into the BI Platform.
  5. Select the Web Intelligence Document and click “Next”.
  6. Click on the report block to be used in the Dashboard and click “Next”  Note: The data block will be inserted into the spreadsheet into beginning at the cell selected in Excel. If no cell is selected, the default is cell A1.
  7. Enter a name for the report block, or use default.
  8. Click on the “Refresh All Objects” button.
  9. Select Parameter Value and click “OK”.
  10. Click on “Object Properties”
  11. Click on the “Prompts” tab.
  12. Click on the “Prompt Values” button.
  13. Map the Prompt Value to a cell in Excel.
  14. Click “OK” once mapped.
  15. Check that the binding is displayed and click “OK”
  16. Save the Excel file.
  17. Exit Excel.
  18. Open the Task manager and endure Excel.exe is NOT running.

 Using the Live Office Connection in the dashboard

  1. Start the Dashboard Design tool.
  2. On a new dashboard,  click on the Data tab and select “Import”.
  3. Click “Yes” on the import dialog box.
  4. Navigate to and open the previously saved Excel file.
  5. Click on the “Data” tab and select “Connections”.
  6. Click on the Add dropdown and select “Live Office Connections”
  7. Click on the connection listed on the left and edit the Session Url.  Change <webserver> to the BI Platform machine.  The URL can also point to a cell in the embedded spreadsheet.
  8. Click on the “Usage” tab and set as required and click “OK”.
  9. Add components.
  10. Map component to data.


In this example, a combo box is added and mapped to the controlling parameter cell.

Include a “Connection Refresh” component.  Users will select a prompt value and click the Refresh button to re-query the data.

  1. Preview the dashboard and test.
  2. Log into the BI Platform.
  3. Select Parameter from Combo Box and click “Refresh”.
  4. View Data.
  5. Change parameter and view again.

Note: See attached document for step by step instructions with images.


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