1220269 - NullPointerException after logging onto Oracle using JRC thick-client viewer

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1220269 - NullPointerException after logging onto Oracle using JRC thick-client viewer


A Crystal report is connecting to a secure Oracle 9i database using JDBC. When attempting to view the report in the Java Reporting Component (JRC) thick-client viewer, you are prompted for the database logon information. After submitting the logon information, the following exception occurs:


at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.rs.a.r(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.rs.a.v(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.rs.a.if(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.rs.a.do(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.bh.a(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.ag.a(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.be.a(Unknown Source)

at com.businessobjects.crystalreports.viewer.core.af.run(Unknown Source)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)".



This is a known issue with the Java Reporting Component XI Release 2.

This issue has been assigned Track ID ADAPT00568353.

When a Track ID has been assigned to an issue, this indicates it has been reported to Business Objects for possible inclusion in future hot fixes or file updates. Refer to the list of Track IDs that accompanies a hot fix or file update to verify that a particular issue has been corrected.


As of the publish date of this article, there is no file update to correct this issue.

To work around this issue, pass the database logon information programmatically.


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