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Settings in the Job Alerts Email Template page in Career Site Builder allow you to create and save a template used when sending job alert email notices. This article provides information on all the tokens that can be used specifically for Job Alert Emails Templates.


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Below are tokens that can be used for Recruiting Marketing in Career Site Builder> Layouts > Job alert emails template.

Some tokens don't appear in the Tokens reference list on the right column on the template page, but are valid and can also be used in the Subject field.

Supported Alert Tokens:




The frequency in days to send recruiter alert e-mails.

Note: This token can’t be used on its own – just a parameter for agent token


The link to recruiter alert edit page, so emails can be stopped.


The same as [[unsubscribe]].

Link Tokens:




This agent links to a search on the site with the given keyword and/or location.




The default [[agent]] token is the same as [[agent::keyword:: AND ::location::]].

If the agent is a radius agent, location is replaced with postal code and distance.

If keyword or location is blank, the AND operator is omitted.


This token link to change subscription options.

 NOTE: This replaces clickhere.

          ::linktext=This is my clickable text::

          ::tab=(agents or profile):: Default: agents

          ::field=((k)eywords,(l)ocation, (f)requency):: Default: k

          ::mode=edit:: Sends them to agent tab in edit mode for the agent


          [[modify]] is the same as

          [[modify ::linktext=::Click here:: ::tab=agents::]]


          [[modify ::linktext=Change my subscription::]]


Link to change subscription options

          ::linktext=This is my clickable text::


          [[unsubscribe]] is the same as

          [[unsubscribe ::linktext=::Click here::]]


          [[unsubscribe ::linktext=Change my subscription::]]



Site url as a link


Appends tracking information to URL

Exemple:[[tracking]] will result in<sourcetype>&source=5&eid=siteid-yyyymmdd

NOTE: If there is a keyword defined for the template, then utm_campaign will be used with that keyword in the tracking string. Be careful to make sure your urls have at least a question mark appended if using a tracking link

Job Tokens:




This agent creates a string of links to jobs. Up to 10 jobs are returned and ordered by relevance.

Within the [[jobs]] token, you can format the way the jobs link appears using additional token variables. Available variables:







        ::bullet=[ENG:bullet text]::


        [[jobs ::title:: - ::location:: (::country::)]]

NOTE:  ::variable:: There has to be a space after the word jobs in the brackets. You can use html formatting in conjunction with the variables. If you use [[jobs]] with no options, ::title:: will be used as the default.


The job title. You can also use this token in the Subject field.

User Tokens:




Inserts the date (m/d/yyyy) on which the user's account was created.


Inserts user's first name


Inserts user's last name


Inserts user's email

NOTE: The [[firstname]],[[lastname]] and [[email]] tokens are only work in the email body.

Site Tokens:




The site URL. You can also use this token in the Subject field.


Company Name is defined in CSB > Settings > Site Configuration > Site Information tab.


Site Name is defined in CSB > Settings > Site Configuration > Site Information tab.


email address that the email is sent FROM


Inserts user's email

Job Alert Notification email is not resolving to the below tokens:




Deprecated - This has been replaced by the [[modify]] token


The date the saved search was created.

Supposed to be [[usercreatedate]]


Non-existent -The name of saved search.


Non-existent - The criteria of the saved search.


Should be [[fromaddress]]

The email address from which recruiter alerts are sent.


Non-existent - This is a message that will appear in the agent email if the user has no agents added yet.

Custom Text is: [[ifnoagents ::custom text is like this::]]

Default text is: You will not receive any matching notices until you update your profile.


  Deprecated :  string of links subscribed categories


The token should resolve to provide the number of jobs that match the criteria.

NOTE: The HTML tags are incorrect, which may be affecting the usability of the feature, so some tokens are still not populating. Engineering is reviewing this.

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