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3076760 - How to create EDI stack integration for one to Many object relationship


How to create EDI stack integration for one to Many object relationship


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How to create EDI stack integration for one to Many object relationship?

Step1: Go To Integration Center-> Create -> Scheduled EDI/Stacked File Output Integration

Step 2: Select the starting entity

Step3: Click on "+" icon as shown below to begin:

Step 4: "Insert Sibling" to create a Parent Node

Step5: Select the Cell 1 as highlighted below and type the parent node name:

Step 6: Now, select the CELL2 and type a name of the field:

Step7: If you wish to add more fields under Parent node then select CELL2 and click on "Insert Sibling" as shown below. This would add additional fields under Parent node.

Step 8: You can give the name to the newly added field under parent node:

Step 9: Structure of parent node is ready with 2 fields:

Step10: To create a child node which has many occurrence, select the CELL1 of parent node (In our example above, select "EmployeeTimeSheet" cell) and select "Insert Child Segment":

Now, child segment would look like below:

Step11: Follow same steps as above and add name for fields of child node based on your requirement. Once done, it would look like below:

Step12: Structure of parent node and child node is ready. We need to start defining the mapping. Select Cell1 of parent node and click on the icon of the paging as shown below:

Step13: Now, start mapping the fields of parent node one by one. Select the field and click on "Change Association".

Step 14: Select from which field data needs to be read:

Repeat the same step for rest of the fields of parent node.

Step 15: Select the first cell of the child node and click on "Change association" as shown below:

Step16: Now, select the node from entity tree view which you want to be appearing as a child object and then click on "Change association to XXXXX":

Step17: Once first cell of Child node is mapped, you can start mapping fields of child node:

Step18: Once your mapping is completed, you can run the integration and preview data would look like below i.e. one EmployeeTimeSheet can have multiple TimeValuationResult:

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