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3075848 - Individual Customer Name Displayed Unexpectedly As Title In Sales Order


Under the 'Address' section in a sales order you see the Name field shows a title (German 'Herr' = Mr.) and the actual name is shown in the field 'Additional Name Field 1.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work centre
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view
  3. Create a sales order for an Individual Customer who has a title maintained, example, individual customer from country/region Germany with example name Herr Maximilian Mustermann 
  4. In that sales order, go to the Involved Parties facet
  5. Click the 'Details' view for Account
  6. Result: under the 'Address' section, the Name field shows the title (German 'Herr' = Mr.) and the actual name is shown in the field 'Additional Name Field 1.

Expected result: Title 'Mr./Mrs./etc.' should be shown in a separate field.


The fields exposed on the Sales Order UI are taken from the BO AddressSnapshot, which in turn is generated from the BO Customer.

The special problem the generation of the BO AddressSnapshot from an Individual Customer is facing is that the Individual Customer has stored its name information in a structured form with separate fields for Form Of Address, Academic Title, Given Name, family Name, etc ...  On the other hand the BO AddressSnapshot has four generic name fields FirstLineNamme, ... , FourthLine name, which is also reflected on the sales Order UI. This was done to provide a uniform name field structure that can be used by any kind of document parties, including accounts etc. who do not have e.g. form of address.

The name information from the Individual Customer has to be transferred to the BO AddressSnapshot such that a) no data is lost and b) a formatted address derived from the AddressSnapshot looks the same as a formatted address derived from the Individual Customer.

The only way to do this is to fill the generic name lines in the BO Address Snapshot exactly the way the name parts would look like in the formatted Address derived from the Individual Customer. So during the generation of the BO AddressSnapshot the formatting routine is called for the Individual Customer, and from the result all the name related rows are maintained in the generic name lines of the BO Address Snapshot.

Now in some country/regions the address formatting rules demand that the form of address is maintained in a separate line. Germany is one of them. In these cases the generated AddressSnapshot therefore will have FirstLineName filled with the form of address. (If the Individual customer were from the US, the form of address would be printed in the same line as the name).


If you need a single field containing the name (e.g. for some integration scenario), you can use the DisplayName node of the AddressSnapshot instead.

In general, the four name fields in the Name node pick one of the four fields and expect it to contain what you need. It is not recommended.


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