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3050760 - Best Practices during C4C / BYD Upgrades


Below are the key points to remember during the upgrade times of your system


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Business Bydesign


  • Business Configuration is possible at any time in both test and productive tenant but without data transfer between the tenants.
  • Incidents will no longer be closed as part of the upgrade process.
IMPORTANT: No merge back for Change Projects possible while test tenants are upgraded and production tenants are not

System provisioning impacts

  1. Do not terminate neither your test nor productive system during the time between test and productive upgrade phase.
  2. System copies cannot be processed, neither full copies (clones) nor copies of a solution profile.
  3. System copies between systems of different release versions cannot be set up. Test systems are upgraded prior to productive systems and are therefore on a higher version than the related productive system.
  4. Only empty test and productive systems or copies between test systems can be provided.

Please note: If you currently do not have a productive tenant SAP will only upgrade your test tenant

Go-Live and PDI solution development impacts

  1. Do not deploy customer-specific solutions (PDI add-ons) from the test/development system to the productive system during the upgrade phase.
  2. Do not plan a productive data transfer (data migration) during the productive system upgrade weekend.
  3. Do not merge your business configuration changes (change projects) back to your productive system during the phase while test systems are upgraded, and productive systems are not.
  4. Do not perform Go-Live scenarios between the times of your test and productive upgrade.


  1. Make sure to clear your browser cache memory after the upgrade, this is recommended to avoid any inconsistencies with wrong PDI / New features field mappings.


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