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3050389 - vSaaS only - New item Revision field validation error


Administrator with a non-English locale that uses a date pattern of DD/MM/YYYY or d/MMM/YYYY and time pattern of a.m/p.m. or HH:MM:AAA will encounter an incorrect data validation error on the revision field when creating new item with provided date or time.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Reproducing the Issue

Which locales are impacted by this issue?

The following Locales that use the date format of DD/MM/YYYY or D/MMM/YYYY or yyyy/M/d are impacted or time format of hh:mm:sss aaa

  • Spanish
  • Spanish Mexican
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese

Create any new item in UI and try to save and receive validation error on the revision field.


Due to multiple validation layers on UI java level & LMS application level


Investigated in INC0579905 with codefix in 2H2021 (b2111) and patched for the following:

  • LMS application validation via LRN-112050 & patched for 1H2021 (b2105) via PTCH-35805
  • UI Java framework validation via LRN-111594 & patched for 1H2021 (b2105) via PTCH-35870

All environments that are not Validated have been patched. Validated environments will have this patch once being fully upgraded in November.


  1. Navigate to References > Manage Labels > Locales > [Locale ID] > Time Pattern and verify that the HHMM time pattern ID is available. Add this time pattern, if needed.
  2. On the Date Pattern tab for the locale, verify that the d/M/yyyy date pattern ID is available. Add this date pattern, if needed.
  3. After confirming that the time pattern and date pattern are available, navigate to Administrator Preferences > Settings. Set the Time Pattern ID to use the HHmm (HHmm) time pattern and set the Date Pattern ID to use the d/M/yyyy date pattern.
    Use connector to create the item (which uses specific DB UTC timestamps)

See Also

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