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3045383 - OData API: No permission to access the attached file [attachment_name.pdf]. Attachment in field [cust_attachmentField] does not belong to the user [userId]. with the index 0


You are upserting data to a custom MDF object (e.g. cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction) via OData API.

  • One of fields in the custom MDF is defined as Type: Attachment (e.g cust_AttachmentNav):

  • You receive an error like below when upserting attachment data to the field defined as Type: Attachment
    No permission to access the attached file [attachmentName.pdf]. Attachment in field [cust_attachmentField] does not belong to the user [API_USER]. with the index 0 


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Core
  • OData API


Reproducing the Issue

Performing an upsert (with user: API_USER) similar to the following results in the error shown in title & symptom section

(i.e. creating a new cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction record for user: ChanA and associating this record with attachmentId=8361 which already exists in the Attachment object)

1. OData API Request Payload Example:
    "__metadata": {
        "uri": "cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction",
        "type": "SFOData.cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction"
    "effectiveStartDate": "/Date(1562740107000)/",
    "externalCode": "ChanA",
2. OData API Response Payload Example:
    "d": [
            "key": "cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction/effectiveStartDate=2019-07-10T00:00:00.000-04:00,cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction/externalCode=ChanA",
            "status": "ERROR",
            "editStatus": null,
            "message": "No permission to access the attached file Testpdf2.pdf. Attachment in field cust_Attachments does not belong to the user API_USER. with the index 0",
            "index": 0,
            "httpCode": 500,
            "inlineResults": null


The error is thrown because userId value stored in Attachment(8361) is not the user: API_USER who is creating the cust_ProgressiveDisciplinaryAction record

The user: API_USER is not authorized to access this attachment because the userId field maintained in this attachment is not "API_USER"



The user who is creating the custom MDF record must be the same user who is maintained in the userId field of the Attachment object/entity.


Additional Note: As a workaround / alternative for such use-cases (custom MDF with associated Attachments)

  • You can also validate the use of OAuth 2.0 Authentication - this would result in the user creating their own custom MDF record
  • This could be useful in situations where existing Attachment records that already reference an employee's userId need to be associated to custom MDF object records



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