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3044927 - Steps to reproduce your issue - S/4HANA Cloud


Incident processor has requested the steps of reproduction of your issue.

You want to guarantee SAP full understanding of your scenario and provide detailed information for a faster incident resolution from SAP Support side.

Steps provided are not clear enough for SAP Support.


S/4HANA Cloud All versions.


Why should I dedicate time to document detailed step-by-step about my issue when raising a case?

1.Support Engineers will need to reproduce your issue in order to analyze system conditions and behavior. This information will be requested if it was not provided at first. The more succinct steps will be, greater the margin of misunderstandings and further can be the discussions before your issue analysis can be started.

2. With detailed steps to reproduce your issue, Support Engineers can verify all the conditions which might influence in final results and so on detect not recommended practices within your process, instructing the best practices to avoid further issues on your customer system. You can also refer to scope items Set up Instructions and Test Script to share the steps that are being made and current results achieved.

3. With detailed steps to reproduce your issue, incident processor can promptly identify if the issue doesn’t belong to the current component and precisely send to the right one once the issue is clearly defined.Documented information will also avoid repeated information and calls in case issue changes the component or support level.

4. With a not clear understanding of your issue, your case can be wrongly prioritized once the complexity of the solution can not be measured by Support or Development team.


Providing detailed information is the most effective way to have a faster incident resolution.

*If issue is reproducible in Q-system, please provide the steps in test system for a safer scenario. In case issue is only reproducible in P system, SAP will need a written authorization to proceed with the reproduction of your issue in your Productive System, please provide the authorization with the steps as well.

What are the required information on the steps?

1.The process that you are intending to follow. Please explain your business scenario. You can refer to a Scope item which you are referring to. (In advance, please confirm if all the pre steps from referred Scope item has been followed).

2. In a chronological way, you can start mentioning Used Fiori apps, provided inputs and procedures. If there are too many information imputed, you can use screenshots or record the process in order to share this information in a simpler way.

*If screenshots are going to be attached, please do not attach individual screenshots one by one to the incident, instead use Microsoft Word or Excel to put your screens into a single file.

*If a recording will be made, proceed with the end to end process in order to get also a single file.

3. At the end, explain expected results and the results that system is current returning.

*In addition if you have the same process working correctly in another example, please provide as well since it will be used as reference of expected system behavior. If your issue occurs with Documents, please provide documents IDs for further analysis.

Please check different examples of Steps to reproduce an issue:

*Business application should not be considered, these are just generic examples of an application scenario.

# Example 1(maintained in incident description):

"We are intending to follow Debit Memo Processing (1F1) scope item and we have followed every pre step mentioned in Setup Instructions. However, when displaying the created Debit Memo, I  can see an Accounting Access issue. You can follow our steps in the system to achieve the same results.

1. On Create Billing Documents App, select Billing type CI01 Invoice and insert Debit Memo Request number: `70001606’. After this, click ‘Save’.

2. Invoice will be generated, you can copy Invoice number to use in the next step. In this case, invoice generated is ‘90004761’.

3. On Manage Billing Documents App, search for the recent document created, in our example: ‘90004761’.

4. Check System Error Message displayed at Status column.

The status To be Posted is the expected result, however system is currently pointing this issue and we don’t know how to proceed. You can compare and reproduce the same steps with Debit Memo Request: ‘70001612’ which is successfully created without any errors.

I give SAP authorization to reproduce this issue in my Test/Production system cancelling the actual billing document and recreating for testing purposes."

#Example 2(Word file attached to the incident with screenshots):

Check KBA Attachment: ‘Steps to reproduce.pdf’.


#Example 3(MP4 file attached to the incident with reproducing steps):

Check KBA Attachment: ‘Steps to reproduce.mp4’. Note that in this example further details should be provided in case description, like: business scenario, expected results and successful examples of the process(if there is).


What is not considered as Steps to reproduce your issue:

1.Individual screenshots of the system with no context.

2.Information about the issue without informing used apps and inputs in the process.

If you can't provide the Steps to reproduce your issue as per this documentation, please ensure that your current issue is Support relevant and not a consulting topic before raising an incident. You can check further details at What is Support, what is consulting KBA in 'See also' section of this document.

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