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3044618 - [ONB 2.0] Onboardee not visible for Managers with Direct Reports as Target Population


Initiated onboarding for external candidate but the candidate is not visible in the Hiring Manager Dashboard. Only Admin Users can see the Onboardee.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0

Reproducing the Issue

  • Initiate Onboarding for a user through RCM/Manual Onboarding or ATS
  • Proxy as the Hiring Manager and go to the Onboarding Dashboard
  • The candidate is not available
  • Go to Manage Permission Roles and check for the Target Population for the RBP Role associated with the Hiring Manager
  • The Target Population would be set to "All Managers" > "Direct Reports"
  • Go to Data Inspector 
  • Enter Entity as "Table_USERS_SYSINFO"
  • Under "Define Filter Criteria" select "Users Sys Id" "Equals" "*Enter Sys Id*"
  • You will notice that under the Manager Header it would be "NO_MANAGER"


  • HRIS SYNC has failed to assign the manager for the external user due to which the candidate is not visible in the Onboarding Dashboard for the Hiring Manager
  • Since the Hiring Manager has a Target Population of Direct Reports the 


1. Proxy as admin user
2. Navigate to BPE: Manage Process Definitions
3. Filter on Process Definition Key Like: %Onboarding2HiringManagerReview%
4. Download the most recent version
5. Change the versionTag number in the provided XML to be one number larger (is this the only change I need to make to the XLM?)
6. Navigate to BPE: Deploy Process Definition
7. Choose new file and select [Deploy]
8. The service User in Update Process Flow for Onboarding process flow, same should should be in the XML.
9. Post deployment, please don't update from the Update Process Flow for Onboarding process flow.
10. Kindly initiate Onboarding for any candidate via Manual Onboarding 
11. The candidates will reappear in the Onboarding Dashboard


BPE XML, Direct Reports, Hiring Manager, Manager Tasks, Onboarding Dashboard , KBA , LOD-SF-OBX-BPE , BPE Process Flow , Problem


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