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How to extract Offer Letters from the system?

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


Offer Letters send as PDF can be exported via Integration Center or OData API.

Via OData API:

  1. Execute a GET operation on the OfferLetter entity, looking for the field offerLetterPDFmail.
  2. This field would require an $expand operation, as it is pointing out to the Attachment entity.
  3. Inside this field, we should look for the fileName and fileContent.The query would be as the following example: [YOUR_DC_API_URL]/odata/v2/OfferLetter?$format=json&$top=1&$expand=offerLetterPDFmail

There is also an Attachment outbound integration to download attachments to an SFTP location.

Important Notes:

  • Make sure Integration Center is setup
  • Below permissions are prerequisites to successfully extract data from Integration Center

RBP Customers:

  • Manage Permission Roles > Recruiting Permissions > OData API OfferLetter Export permission
  • Manage Permission Roles > Metadata Framework -> Admin access to MDF OData API

Non-RBP Customers:

  • Set User Permissions -> Administrative Privileges > Recruiting Permissions > OData API OfferLetter Export permission
  • Set User Permissions -> Administrative Privileges -> Metadata Framework -> Admin access to MDF OData API

Steps to create an Attachment outbound integration:

  1. From Admin Center -> Integration Center and open My Integrations;
  2. Click in Create and select More Integration Types:
  3. Go straight to the Format and select Attachment:
  4. On the entity search for OfferLetter and click in Select at the bottom right of the page:
  5. Once the integration is loaded, go to Configure Fields, and click in Associate Content:
  6. A pop up will open in front of you. Inside that, open Entity Tree View, and find the field offerLetterPDFmail. You now have a sub list, which is the Attachment entity, find the fileContent field and select it:
  7. Now we define the Type of the field, so we click in Associate Content Type:
  8. We do the exact same thing as before. Expand the Entity Tree View, find offerLetterPDFmail and then we select the field mimeType instead:
  9. Once we selected and are back to the main page, we now already can see the sample of file loaded up:

    If by any chance you are doing this for specific files, you can already download the file on this page by clicking on the bottom left button "Download Content".

  10. In case you would like apply any sorts of filters to get specific offers, or a sort to get some offers first, you can do that on the Filter and Sort tab:
  11. Now that we have all of that setup, we will define to where we are going to send those files in Destination Settings. We must fill out the FTP url, user and password, and also the folder where the Offers will be placed into. Make sure this destination is correct, we don't want to end up with all offers on the main folder of the FTP server.
    Last but not least, we must define the Calculated File Name in Advanced Settings. Click on the little Calculator icon and a pop up will open:
  12. In the Advanced Calculation Dialog, Create a Calculation using the Associate field button beside the field ( Ex : <Offer Letter Id> concatenate/append <filename>). To be able to get the file extension at the end of each document being uploaded/downloaded, also add a ("Concatenate/Append" > More Field Options > Default Value "." > another "Concatenate/Append" > fileExtension From Attachment):
  13. On the Scheduling tab we can set it to run on a specific date, or recurring:
  14. And at the last page, we can review, submit the schedule or run it right away:

If there are huge number of attachments that needs to be extracted then we suggest to use filter and run the integration center job by batch. 

Additionally, note that you must configure one integration for each attachment type you wish to extract. In the example above, we configured the integration to extract offerletters sent as PDF, but if you need other documents or attachments, then a separate integration must be created.

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