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3033503 - The Latest Home Page : Importing Custom Tiles from the Legacy Home Page not getting converted to Custom Cards


Some custom tile configurations aren’t supported on the latest home page. If a custom can't be imported due to unsupported configurations you can either remove the unsupported configuration and import them or you can wait and rerun the import later, if support is added. This KBA outlines the unsupported custom tiles.


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See list of unsupported Custom Tiles on the Latest Home Page :

  • As of b2011 the Raw HTML specified as popover content in a custom card is sanitized before being rendered on the home page. The option to disable,  HTML sanitization that was available in the legacy home page is currently not available in the Latest Home page. Custom Tiles which use HTML insecure tags such as <script> and <iframe> tag are considered insecure and will be removed as part of HTML sanitization during the import (without corresponding closing tags) . Note : The import will not be able to proceed if there is no other content in the tile. The popover content can be updated to use alternative content that don't use insecure tags such as <script> and <iframe> and then imported to The Latest Home Page. See examples of Safe HTML Tags below :

    • SAFE_HTML_TAGS: "a,img,p,b,u,i,table,tr,th,td,tbody,thead,tfoot,div,span,ul,ol,li,em,strong,font,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,o:p,br,style,blockquote,map,area,hr"
    • SAFE_HTML_STYLES:"text-align,text-indent,text-justify,color,margin,margin-left,margin-right,margin-top,margin-bottom,line-height,list-style-type,background-color,float,font,font-weight,font-size,font-style,font-family,border,border-right,border-left,border-bottom,border-top,border-width,border-style,padding,padding-right,padding-left,padding-bottom,padding-top,list-style,height,width,display,white-space,word-wrap,vertical-align,border-color,text-decoration"
    • SAFE_HTML_STYLES: "text-align,text-indent,text-justify,color,margin,margin-left,margin-right,margin-top,margin-bottom,line-height,list-style-type,background-color,float,font,font-weight,font-size,font-style,font-family,border,border-right,border-left,border-bottom,border-top,border-width,border-style,padding,padding-right,padding-left,padding-bottom,padding-top,list-style,height,width,display,white-space,word-wrap,vertical-align,border-color,text-decoration"

  • Pop over content cannot be empty for any language that has a title specified
  • Assignment based on start date. Custom tiles with visibility that's relative to the employee's start date, such as for onboarding, can't be imported.
  • Invalid date ranges. Custom tiles that are configured as visible during a date range but don't have a valid date range defined can't be imported. We added validation to ensure that date ranges are configured correctly.
  • Static tiles with icons. "Static" type custom tiles can be converted to custom cards but not longer display an icon. The icon is replaced by a placeholder image. You can update the image after conversion.

Refer to SAP Help Guide for further details on Importing Custom Tiles from the Legacy Home Page

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