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3027668 - Calculated POC Does Not ConsiderExchange Rate For Sales Order Item in Foreign Currency


You create Sales Order item ABC-AA and assign a POC relevant accrual method, for example 102-Recognize Using Cost-to-Cost POC (ABC-AA represents the Sales Order item ID).

The net value of the Sales Order item is maintained in a foreign currency, for example USD and not in Company Currency, for example EUR.

You check the Manual Revenue Recognition data of the Sales Order item and notice that the Estimated Cost of the item is displayed in the foreign currency and the 
Calculated POC is incorrect.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Cost and Revenue work center go to the Sales Document Items view.
  2. Find item ABC-AA.
  3. Press Edit Manual Revenue Recognition Data and select Percentage of Completion.
  4. Under Calculation Basis for calculated POC the Estimated Cost appears in USD, for example: 10.000,00 USD whereas the Actual Costs appear in Company currency EUR, for example: 5000,00 EUR. 
  5. In the top table, in the Calculated POC column the value is incorrect: 


  • Estimated Cost: 10.000,00 USD.
  • Actual Cost: 5000,00 EUR
  • Calculated POC displayed: 50% (Actual Cost / Estimated Cost (not taking currency conversion into account))

But you expect the Estimated Cost to be displayed in Company Currency, deriving the valid Exchange rate, for example USD-EUR: 0,82,  rather than Transaction currency to calculate the POC:

Exchange Rate USD-EUR at time of Sales Order item release: 0,82.

In this case the Calculated POC would be: 10.000,0 USD = 8221.05 EUR
The Calculated POC would then be 60,82% (5000,00 EUR / 8221.05 EUR).


Currently, the Calculated POC in the Edit Manual Revenue Recognition Data screen is based only on the actual cost values without applying a valid Exchange rate.


When working with different exchange rates, the Calculated POC value in the Edit Manual Revenue Recognition data screen cannot be used to check a Sales Order item's Percentage of Completion.

However, the Revenue Recognition run will always derive the exchange rate valid on the run's posting date to correctly calculate the Sales Order item's POC and to recognize the resulting cost and revenues correctly.


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