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3027156 - Custom MDF portlets | New records are overwriting existent records


  • I'm not able to add more than one record with the same effective date in custom MDF portlets;
  • Records are being overwritten by each other in custom MDF portlets;
  • There's an issue with newly added records in custom MDF portlets;
  • I'm facing an issue with custom MDF portlet's records;


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login within the affected instance;
  2. Go to any user's Employee Profile;
  3. Scroll down to any custom MDF portlet;
  4. If still there's no records for the current day's date, add one and save;
  5. Then, hit the clock icon (history) and chose to add a new record;
  6. Fulfill it's fields with the values as you wish and chose any effective date;
  7. When all the required fields are fulfilled, save the record;
  8. The previous record with effective date as the current day date will be erased.


There's a known issue with the Metadata Framework which is already being worked upon by our Engineering Team.

When creating new records in the custom MDF portlets, the effective date of these new records will be automatically defaulted to the current day's date, despite the effective date you chose to set in there.

Then, when you try to save, due to the default effective date be set with the today's date, the mechanism will think that this new record would be, actually, just an update of the already existing record.

This will lead to the deletion of the already existent record with the effective date as the current day's date, and it's subsequent replacement by the new record.


This issue is being treated in our internal engineering case MDF-41284. The fix will demand plenty of tests and validations in order to avoid anything from going sideways and causing unexpected secondary outcomes.

As of now, we do not have an accurate expectation for the fix deployment date, but it will take time and won't be able to get deployed still within the 1H 2021 release (May).

The proposed workaround to contour this issue until the ultimate fix is the following one:

  1. When creating a new record, ensure that there's no other record with the effective date of the current day date;
  2. If there's any, you need to enter on this already existent record and change it's effective date to anything else than the current day date;
  3. Then, you can add the new record — which will be defaulted with the current day's date — without overwriting other records.

We advise you to bookmark this KBA as any additional details about the fix and it's deployment date will be placed here.

Important: this behavior won't affect standard MDF portlets, only the custom ones.


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