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3015254 - How to Enable and Configure Employee Referral


Enable and configure Employee Referral Program Settings that are used whenever employees refer candidates.


SAP Successfactors Recruiting Management (RCM)


  1. Enable the feature under Provisioning  Company Settings   Enable Employee Referral Program.
  2. Add the Employee Referral Payout amount to the Job Requisition XML.
    • Employee Referral Payout is a currency field. If currency is not configured on the job requisition, you must add it.

    • If it's declared, then you only have to add the erpAmount. Add the necessary permission for this field, and include it in the XML as follows:

      Sample Code
      <field-definition id="erpAmount" type="currency" required="false" custom="false">
      <field-label><![CDATA[ERP Amount]]></field-label>
      <field-description><![CDATA[Employee Referral Bonus Amount]]></field-description>
  3. Grant Employee Referral Program Setup permission to set up the Employee Referral Program.
  4. Go to Admin Center  Recruiting Email Triggers and enable these notifications:
    • Employee Referral Program Candidate added to General pool notification
    • Employee Referral Program Candidate referred to a job requisition (new candidate)
    • Employee Referral Program Candidate referred to a job requisition (existing candidate)
  5. Configure Referrer (employee) settings for the Applicant Status Trail. Referrer settings can be applied to all applicant statuses.
  6. Go to Admin Center  Edit Applicant Status Configuration.
  7. Find the applicant status set for job requisitions. Select Take Action  Edit and update the Employee Referral Program Settings.

    The Applicant Status Configuration for the selected Status Set Name is displayed.

  8. Click the Status Name (or click Take Action  Edit) and update the Employee Referral Program Settings in the Edit Status Settings dialog.
  9. Choose Save and then click I'm Done.
Whenever an employee refers a candidate, the configured Employee Referral Program Settings are used.


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