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3014694 - Story reports load and export slowly - People Analytics Report Story


  • The Story Designer screen has poor performance (refresh quality, slowness, sluggishness, waiting, ...)
  • The Story Designer loads slowly as you add more widgets/components or pages to the report
  • When exporting the Story to PDF, it takes 3 minutes or more to export
  • What are the Best Practices in designing Stories? 


SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to Report Center and try to Run a Story or Export the Story Report to PDF


  • There are multiple reasons why performance may be affected.  It could be local network issues (internet connection speed), application server issues etc.
  • It could also be the design of the Story that's causing the issue. 


In BizX, the timeout for Online run for other report types (Table, Canvas etc.) is 5 minutes.

Here are some tips or best practices in designing Stories in SAC (from  These will also help optimize performance when exporting a Story report from SAP SuccessFactors BizX.


  • Try designing your story using Responsive pages instead of Canvas or Grid pages. Responsive pages allow your story content to re-flow depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

  • Rather than designing a large story with many pages, try to limit your pages and create different stories for each use-case or audience.
    Tip: If you want to refer to a related story, you can add a hyperlink to a different page, story, or external website.

  • Try to keep the number of individual tiles on each page of your story limited to six or less
    Limit the number of content-rich tiles on each page like maps or charts with a high volume of data points. Overloading your pages with dense information will make it harder for your viewers to consume and may slow load-time.
    Tip: Use pages to break up your story by category or type of information. Put your most-viewed content on the first page to make it easily accessible.

  • When adding images to your pages ensure that the images are sized for web and are smaller than 1MB
    Tip: SVG vectors image files still look great at a small file size. If you can’t use an SVG image file, PNG image files perform better than JPG.

  • To ensure performance when working with blended data,  avoid creating Linked Dimensions on Calculated Dimensions. Keeping the number of models linked in each story at a minimum will also improve overall speed and performance.


    • Lowering the number of individual data points makes the information in your stories easier to read and analyze.

    • When adding tables to your story, keep in mind the goal of the table and ensure that viewers can easily navigate the information. To help ensure readability, try to limit your tables to a maximum of 500 rows and 60 columns. If you need to display more, you can edit the drill limitation. Keep in mind that the more cells you include, the harder SAP Analytics Cloud has to work to display them.

    Tip: Apply chart filters to reduce the volume of information in charts with more than 1000+ data points and use table filters to keep a manageable amount of information visible in your tables.


  • Use filtering relevant for your target audience to limit the number of facts in your story to one million or less. The one million fact limit has been set purposefully to help you work with specific meaningful information rather than high-volumes.
  • If you’re creating a story with many elements based on the same information, try adding story filter capabilities instead of individual filters for pages, charts, or tables.
    Note: The exception to this suggestion is for filtering on information from models with linked dimensions. In these cases, it is best to add a filter to the individual tile when filtering on dimensions not used for linking.
  • When setting up your filter, try to select specific members rather than selecting “All Members”. Filters with fewer members are easier to use during analysis and when viewing a story.
  • It is recommended to limit the number of Members in a Dimension used in Member Selectors and Filters to the minimum possible number of Members.

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