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3006194 - Assignment profile - Rules limit to be increased in b2011 P12


As of the b2005 (First Half 2020) release, which has the New Learning Administration user interface, the assignment profile rules will only display up to 1000 values in the UI even when there are more than 1000 values specified.

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. From LMS Admin side, navigate to Manage User Learning>Assignment Profiles
  2. Search for any Assignment profile which has rule attribute values greater than 1000 before P12 and 2000 records after P12
  3. When trying to view the values in the attribute, the new UI displays only 1000 records before P12 and 2000 records after P12


A UI change in 2011 introduced a limitation, preventing admins from editing or viewing rules with more than 1000 values for an attribute, potentially risking impact to your data.

After going through full analysis, we have decided to increase the limit to 2000 via patch.

When is this change rolled out?

Standard customers: January 5th 2021, 2011 patch 12 (for Prod)

Validated customers: 2005 patch 32

  • Sandbox – Jan 7th 2021
  • Preview – Jan 17th 2021
  • Prod / Prod support – Feb 7th 2021


What will change?

  • Change #1: Increase display of Assignment Profile rule values from 1000 to 2000
  • Change #2: Introducing guardrails:

APs with attribute values beyond 2000 will only display the first value and “1999 more”. If there are no changes made to the existing Assignment Profiles with attribute values greater than 2000, there will be no issues.

However, if an admin clicks on Save button, the below warning message will be displayed to the admin :“Modifying rule with more than 2000 values will remove values after 2000. For better performance, do not include more than 1000 values)”. You should cancel any changes and leave the AP as is, while you determine the best strategy for AP rule setup.

UI After patch:

The new UI does not support display of values beyond 2000 records for an attribute. In case you wish to check the values in the attribute, you can make use of the Assignment Profile Attribute Data Audit Report (CSV)  report. This report will give the list of all the values for that attribute.

Why this change?

  • Assignment profiles are built to identify users dynamically for assignment based on the rules defined such as domain, item completion, hire date, etc. There should be no need to manually input values to target users (such as User IDs, Job codes etc)…
  • Assignment profiles with attributes containing over 1000 values could be experiencing performance issues.
  • Note that any new APs created by admin after b2011 will not allow you to input more than 2000 values for a rule.

Who is impacted?

Any customers with existing Assignment profiles defined with attributes containing 2000 values that are modified after 2011.

What actions should I take?

If you do not need to make changes to these existing APs, you do not need to take any actions.

But if you are going to need to make changes to these APs there will be some actions for you to take.


Step 1: identify the Assignment profiles impacted

  • If you are a Preferred Success customer please contact your CSM representative to get the list of impacted APs.
  • If you do not have a Customer representative please contact Product Support using component LOD-SF-LMS-ASP with subject [PTCH-34780].


Step 2: review the AP

  1. Decide whether the AP is still required or not.
  2. Consider assigning via other methods than using an AP:
    • Import tool, User Needs mgmt tool (aka Manage Assignment) can be used for one-off assignments
    • APs are for rule-based, dynamic assignments, that do not require manual intervention to add/remove users from the intended target population.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Should the assignment done via AP? (see above)
  • Are the trainings assigned by this AP still active and used?
  • Are there any other assignment profiles covering the same population and content?


If the AP is no longer required, you may deactivate it:

ACTIONS > Deactivate (do NOT use “Deactivate and Unassign” or you will loose current assignments)


If the assignment profile is still required and you need to maintain the existing assignments, we recommend you to first create new ones to replace the existing ones using different rules and attributes. This may mean that multiple assignment profiles will be created to achieve the same result without using attributes containing more than 1000/2000 values.


STEP 3: rebuild the AP

  1. Download the list of users from the AP with 2000 rules you need to recreate so that you know the users to be included.
    1. ACTIONS > Download Existing users
    2. Make note of the objects (item, library, curriculum) assigned via this AP.

  2. Create a new AP and configure it:
    1. Add domain
    2. Create group
    3. Add rule(s)
    4. download existing users (compare with the list downloaded from the old AP)
    5. Add content (library, item, curricula etc)
    6. Actions > Execute changes

           3. Once you cover all populations, you can deactivate the old AP.

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