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2990434 - OData Internal Server Error: [COE0019][SNP]Snapshot lost for current pagination query, pls relaunch query and start from 1st page.


You're performing query requests to SuccessFactors OData API with snapshot pagination enabled, and when requesting a page using a skiptoken, a response error message is returned similar to: "[EXCEPTION] ODATA Execution Error Code: 500-COE_GENERAL_SERVER_FAILURE Internal Server Error-[COE0019][SNP]"


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • OData API


There are three possible causes for this error:

  1. The time interval between the last and the second-to-last page request has exceeded 15 minutes, and hence the snapshot data has expired in the cache server;
  2. Your client application does not have HTTP session re-use enabled;
  3. The cache service which keeps snapshot data is optimized for performance. On rare occasions, the cache server may discard snapshot data to avoid performance degradation, so there's no way to guarantee the snapshot will be available 100% of the time.


Cause 1:

Please review your client application's design and ensure there aren't many processing steps between each page request which could lead to large time intervals between them. Reducing the query's page size may also help depending on the scenario.

Cause 2:

Please refer to 2739734 - Enabling session re-use is must when using "paging=snapshot".

Cause 3:

If the rare occurance of this error due to the cache service performance enhancement mechanism is not acceptable, here are some workaround suggestions:

  1. Use another pagination method instead of snapshot pagination. Cursor-based pagination is the alternative server pagination method and is indicated for simple queries that don't apply any $filter or $orderby statement;
  2. If cursor-based pagination is not suited for your application, implement a retry mechanism on the client application to relaunch the query from the start when this error is received.

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