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2986468 - Compliance Tile Not Showing For UK/US/AUS Job after 2H Release


Compliance tiles fail to load for candidates after 2011 preview upgrade.


Onboarding 2.0

Reproducing the Issue

  • Login as the External User, Complete PDC and CDC steps. 
  • You will notice that the Compliance Tile is not available for the External Candidate. 


  • The reason why this issue occurs is because the system expects the Country to be of type ‘Territory’ in CorporateAddress object. This property is derived from Global and Country Specific Corporate Data Model in Provisioning.
  • Go to oDATA Data Dictionary and look for objectFOCorporateAddressDEFL’
  • Check for ‘Country’ field or ‘CountryNav’ field
  • It would show ‘PickListOptions’ or some other type but not ‘Territory’. 
  • Because of this, Compliance Form assignment fails to load when the “global filter” is executed within the Application.


  • Download Corporate data model (global and CSF) and search for hris-field 'Country' under hris-element 'corporateAddress'.
  • oDATA Data Model will set this Country field to the type 'Territory' only if all the country specific configurations including global configuration in Corporate Data model has it with default setting without any customizations.
  • If by any chance, even one single country specific config for 'corporateAddress->country' is set to 'PickListOptions' or any other type– it is reflected as so (in our example: PickListOptions) as the field type in oDATA Data Dictionary – and system fails to load Compliance tiles on Home Page for candidates. o

Kindly validate if the country field in corporateAddress in Corporate Data Model (or in CSF) that is being customized at global level or for one or more countries in CSF data model is a valid requirement or not. 

  1. If this is invalid requirement/ or unknown or if this was not done intentionally – then remove the configuration (highlighted below) to reflect the default settings for Country field in corporateAddress hris-element as this doesn't have to be of PickList.


By removing the highlighted text above from the file (Corporate Data model and/or Country specific Corporate data model) and making sure all countries have it set to default settings and uploading it back to Provisioning, system will consider this to be of type 'Territory' and it will be reflected in odata data dictionary as shown below after odata metadata cache is refreshed in Admin Center. Compliance tile assignment will not fail anymore for the candidates with this issue after this change.


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