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2979275 - New Experience for the Home Page [2H 2020]


The Latest Home Page is available for testing and use as part of H2 2020 Release. The latest home page is available both on the Web and in our mobile apps, for a more consistent experience across all device. The Latest Home Page can be controlled with role-based permissions this allows you to adopt the latest home page gradually, by rolling it out to one group at a time. We encourage you review information about the latest Home page including prerequisites, current limitations and other important notes before you enable the new Home Page. Outlined in this KBA is an overview of the New Features as part of the Home Page and references to known limitations. 

"Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental."

Screenshot of the latest home page (released in 2H 2020) 


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


New Home Page vs Legacy Home Page:

  • The Nature of Content on the Latest Home Page is Dynamic. Content displaying is dependent on Provisioning/Upgrade Center Features and RBP Permissions.
  • To do's are only available via the to-dos panel in the shell bar for mobile there is a new tab.
  • Admin Control is limited this is by design to minimize the admin tasks to deploy the New Home Page.
  • The following module pages currently show content on the homepage Compensation, including Variable Pay and Spot Awards, Employee Central Payroll, Employee Central Time Off and Time Sheet, Performance and Goals, including Goal Management, Continuous Performance Management, and Continuous Feedback, Onboarding, Recruiting and Learning

Current Limitations for the Latest Home Page:

    Instance Refresh:

    Instance refresh doesn't include cards in the For You Today section (Engagement Cards). When you refresh from Production to Preview/Test, the target instance doesn't show the same cards that you see in Production. Cards are generated in your Preview/Test instance based on activity within that instance, by test users. The same limitation applies to both the self-service Instance Refresh tool and to manual refreshes completed by SAP SuccessFactors. We advise customer to refresh test/preview/staging prior to upgrading to the new home page. 

    Global Assignment/Concurrent Employment:

    The Latest Home Page content does not support usage by people with global assignments or concurrent employments.

    Custom Cards:

    • Business rules are not supported in custom cards this is currently planned for future release more details on Business Rules for custom cards within the Legacy Home Page can be found on SAP Help Configuring Custom Tile Behavior Based on Business Rules . When creating a custom card you will not see the Rule-based On/OFF switch in manage home page when creating custom cards

    • Custom Cards that have visibility based on start date such as onboarding cards, where a card needs to show e.g. 5 days before the new hire’s start date.
    • Some card types are not supported yet, such as third-party content (ServiceNow)

    • For Mobile Custom Card Pop up is not available. 

    To Do's:

    • The Latest Home Page does not provide access to to-do settings it is not possible to manage supplemental to-do's or edit the to-do categories names.
    • Workflow Approval To-Dos & Approvals tiles are not available as part of the latest home page. Product Management Plan to bring todo's approval to-dos ( approval and non approval) to Home Page in future releases. 
    • The todos can be accessed via Shell Bar panel on the Home Page on web & Todo tasks in Mobile are accessed via a new tab see KBA 2979675 - The Latest Home Page where to find To-Do's

    People Analytics Tiles & Dashboards:

    There is no People Analytics content or Youcalc tiles on the Latest Home Page. Access to Report Center is planned for future releases.

    To review more details on the limitations and design change for the latest home page ensure to review the SAP Help Prerequisites, Limitations, and Notes for the Latest Home Page

    Enabling the latest Home Page:

    The latest Home Page is enabled via the upgrade centre. The Upgrade is called the “New Experience for the Home Page” See Permission required to Manage the Latest Home page listed below : 

    • Admin permission can be found under Administrator Permissions > Manage System Properties> Manage Latest Home Page
    • User Permission can be found under User Permissions > General User Permissions>Access the Latest Home Page

    You can control access to the latest experience with role-based permissions. Only people who you've explicitly given access, see the latest experience. Everyone else sees the legacy experience. That way, you can adopt the latest home page gradually, by rolling it out to one group at a time. Each person can only access one version of the home page administration tool.

    See SAP Help document for more information Enabling the Latest Home Page Experience

    Managing the Latest Home Page:

    Administrators can manage the latest Home Page from Manage Home Page. There is also a toggle option for admins to navigate back to the legacy Home Page to manage updates from there. The Manage Home Page allows you to Manage your Home Page Banner, Surveys and Organizational Updates and Import Custom Tiles from the Legacy Home Page. See SAP Help document for more information Latest Home Page Experience for Administrators

    The latest home page includes:

    • A welcome banner that reflects your organization's brand. Welcome Banner can be managed from Manage Home Page > Edit Banner Image. There is 2 separate image uploaders one for Landscape and one for portrait with only one check box for “Use default banner image which applies to both landscape and portrait images. Note that this is not the same image as the PP3. See SAP Help document for more information Changing the Banner Image on the Latest Home Page

    • A Quick Actions section where you can complete your most frequent or important actions.Quick actions intend to allow users to perform a quick task without navigating away from the Home Page. Quick Actions are driven by company features in provisioning/Upgrade Center Features. A error message will appear if you do not have permission for a quick action/access tile,  as a administrator you cannot control which quick actions tile shows up or not on the Latest Home Page. 

    • A For You Today section with content that's dynamically generated just for you.For you today sections contain Engagement Cards which provides the most required information necessary to perform a task. You can navigate to an application page from Home Page. To navigate to a module page user clicks on a specific page link. Engagement Cards are Dynamic and no two users will see the same cards. More details on Engagement cards can be found on KBA 2979181 - Engagement Cards & Quick Actions on The Latest Home Page

    • An Organizational Updates section with custom content for your organization. Organizational Updates contain custom cards very similar to existing custom tile experience. Here you can create custom content and employee engagement surveys with Qualtrics from the Manage Home Page for the New Home Page. Unlike legacy custom tiles, you can't select the "type" of custom cards. There aren't any "static" cards that display icons. All custom cards require an image instead. Custom Tiles from the Legacy Home Page can be imported to the Latest Home Page. More details on Organizational Updates can be found on SAP Help Creating Custom Cards for the Latest Home Page

    Administration Documents:

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