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2977135 - SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) Release Information Summary - [LMS] 2H 2020


This Knowledge Base Article is to document all major enhancement/noticeable fixes in our 2H 2020 release. Also provides one stop shop for Learning Management System (LMS) documentation.

Release Schedule: KBA 2521176

Product Documentation:

The documentation can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under "What's New" section will provide the detailed release summary across application.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning - 2H 2020


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Summary of Features released in 2H 2020

Reference NumberTitleDescriptionFeatureTypeMajor or MinorAvailabilityConfiguration TypeKBA/Help
LRN-51064Removal of Flash-Based Administration User InterfaceWe removed the Adobe Flash-based administration user interface, and now solely support the SAP Fiori administration user interface.Home PageChangedMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-79072New API: Catalog InfoWe added an API for Learning Administrators to get catalog details. The API accepts the catalog ID, locale, and time range as inputs and returns a summary, as well as details on items, classes, and curricula contained in the catalog.APINewMinorFull AvailabilityUniversal

Help Portal


LRN-79071Learning Plan API EnhancementsSAP SuccessFactors Learning now features enhancements to the Learning Plan API to improve the experience for customers and partners in portal situations.APIChangedMajorFull AvailabilityUniversal

Help Portal


LRN-84877New User OData API ParameterWe made changes to the User OData API to add an optional request parameter for UserSourceSystem to be used only after native Learning users are migrated to SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication (IAS). This parameter does not shown in the system response if it is not in the API request. See MoreAPIChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-85222Competency Connector EnhancementsSAP SuccessFactors Learning now features a connector configuration update that allows you to add competency type on the fly and also makes type an optional field.CompetenciesChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-69311Class Time Zone Changes to Match Facility SelectionWhen administrators add a new class or schedule a class, with the selection of a facility, the time zone for the class will automatically change to match the selected facility's time zone. Administrators can manually change the time zone, as needed.  Course CalendarChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-89826Language Support for Personalized RecommendationsPersonalized Recommendations in Learning now supports additional languages.  Course RecommendationsNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-77996Personalized Recommendations to Include CollectionsPersonalized Recommendations now display collections so that users can bookmark them for themselves, or recommend them to their peers.  Course RecommendationsNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-77996Self-Assignment of Programs and Curricula in Personalized RecommendationsLearning users can now assign programs and curricula in personalized recommendations to themselves to go through them at their convenience.  Course RecommendationsNewMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-85207Add New ItemsYou get an improved user experience when adding items in the new Learning Administration UI.  CoursesNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-7730New Tokens Added to Certificate of Completion TemplateNew fields are now available as tokens for customers to customize or create a Certification of Completion template for Item and Program report categories.CoursesNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-82509Course Home Redesign for Blended ContentWe redesigned the way users launch and complete a blended course on mobile, tablet, and web-based platforms to improve the user experience for Learning. This includes updates to the way a learner registers for a class and launches the online content for a blended course.CoursesChangedMajorFull AvailabilityAdmin Opt-inHelp Portal
LRN-81855Default Filter for Assigned ItemsThe Assigned Items for a User are filtered by default using the Other Needs and Requirements filters. The Completed Items do not appear in the default filtered view on the User entity page.CoursesChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-87176Search by Status for Assignment Profile Tab for Item and CurriculaYou can search by Status in the Assignment Profiles tab for both the Item and Curricula entities.CoursesChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-83567Virus Scan for .zip Connector FilesWhen importing entities to SAP SuccessFactors Learning through connectors, your .zip connector files go through a virus scan before they're processed.Data Import and ExportNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-73510Removal of PH Audit Tables From Data Service ExtractWe removed the PH audit tables from the standard data service extract. We now only support PH audit tables in a data service extract through an extension or customization.Data Import and ExportChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-78655Sensitive Data SafeguardsSafeguards are now added to prevent Sensitive Personal Data (SPD) in SAP SuccessFactors from syncing to or being stored in Learning custom fields.Data ResidencyNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversal

Help Portal

Community (Suggested Read)

LRN-85437Limit for Maximum Report RuntimeThe maximum time for reports to be run has now been set to 24 hours in the system. value of the maximum time for reports to run has been fixed at 24 hours in the system.  Data Retention ManagementNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-72141Limit for Maximum Report SizeThe value of the maximum storage size for reports has been fixed at 5 GB in the system.  Data Retention ManagementNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-70104Time Period for a Scheduled Import or Export JobYou can schedule a job to either import or export data, and the scheduled date of the job must be within 30 days.  Data Retention ManagementNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-69310Reply-To Email Address Change OptionYou can provide a different email address in the Application Notification Reply-To Email field for system email notifications.  Email NotificationsNewMajorFull AvailabilityAdmin Opt-inHelp Portal
LRN-78646Default User Role ID and License User Type for Site or Native LMS User RegistrationTwo new fields are available when creating and editing sites and when configuring user-created accounts, Default User Role ID and Default License User Type. When users create their own accounts, these default field values are used.  External AccessChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-82390Enhanced Security for Plateau Report DesignerEnhanced authentication for Plateau Report Designer has been introduced to improve overall security.  PRDNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversal

Help Portal


LRN-61864Printed Exams in AssessmentsWe added support for printed exams on assessments. An assessment can now be printed so that the student can be administered the exam in hard copy format, and their scores can be entered manually by the administrator using the scoring interface.Learning AssessmentsNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-61866Proctored Exams in AssessmentsWe added support for proctored exams on assessments. An assessment can now require that the instructor enter a proctor code in order for a student to begin the exam, and localized messages can be added to the exam to communicate clear instructions to the student.Learning AssessmentsNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-89919Assignment Profile Rules Support Comma-Separated ValuesAdministrators can now paste a comma-separated list of values into a Rules input field for an Assignment Profile in the new Learning Administration user interface.Learning AssignmentsChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-83323New Configuration for Unsupported File Types in AICC and SCORM Zip FilesWe added a new option to the CONTENT_IMPORT configuration that defines the types of files that aren't supported when importing AICC and SCORM format zip files.  Learning Content ManagementChangedMinorFull AvailabilityAdmin Opt-out

Help Portal


LRN-81085Learning Program EnhancementsSAP SuccessFactors Learning now features several enhancements that improve how you view, add, delete and search for Programs.Learning ProgramsChangedMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-88676Multiple Contents for Imported Open Content Network CourseYou can now add multiple contents to Open Content Network (OCN) courses. The OCN course gets automatically updated with the newly added content, and these contents are automatically assigned to the assigned learners of the OCN course.  Open Content NetworkNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-88678Secure File DownloadingGoogle Chrome has security updates to ensure that you can download files only from secure pages (HTTPS).  Open Content NetworkNewMajorFull AvailabilityUniversal

Help Portal


LRN-78269License User Type Added to User Search Selector and ConnectorLicense User Type is available as a new search option when you search for users in Learning. The types of License User Types are Active and Functional users, who are added using the SAP SuccessFactors User connector.User Account ManagementNewMinorFull AvailabilityAdmin Opt-inHelp Portal
LRN-78799Updated Sorting for Users EntityThe Sort option for the Users entity now includes new options to enable users to further sort items by date.User Account ManagementChangedMinorFull AvailabilityUniversalHelp Portal
LRN-88506Zoom Supported for Virtual LearningThe virtual learning service now supports Zoom as a virtual meeting room vendor for both Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar.  Virtual Learning SystemsNewMinorFull AvailabilityAdmin Opt-in

Help Portal


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