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2970369 - Sunset of basic authentication mode of SuccessFactors API (SFAPI, OData API)


Sunset of basic authentication mode of API.

With 2H 2020 release of SuccessFactors application, we are announcing sunset of Basic Authentication mode of API calls (SFAPI & OData Both).


  • SuccessFactors OData API
  • SuccessFactors SFAPI
  • SuccessFactors CompoundEmployee API



Post 2H 2022 release, Post 2H 2022 Release, you can no longer use Basic Authentication for any SFAPI (including CompoundEmployee API) or OData API calls.


Frequently asked questions

  1. What is going to be changed?
    1. Basic Authentication can no longer be used for SFAPI and ODATA API calls post 2H 2022.
  2. When will Basic Authentication be retired?
    1. Post 2H 2022, Basic Authentication will be stopped completely.
  3. What are phases of this retirement?
    1. End of Development: 2H 2020 - As of the 2H 2020 release, no enhancement will be made for HTTP Basic Authentication.
    2. End of Maintenance: 2H 2021 - we'll stop the maintenance for HTTP Basic Authentication.
    3. Retirement: 2H 2022 - you'll no longer be able to use HTTP Basic Authentication to access APIs.
  4. Any action required by customers before 2H 2020 (2011) release?
    1. In 2H 2020, we are only announcing the sunset of Basic Authentication. No action is required by customers before 2H 2020.
    2. Post 1H 2021, a new authentication method will be introduced for SFAPI calls (Including CompondEmployee API)
  5. Would standard integration provided by SAP be impacted too?
    1. Yes. Any integration (custom or standard) that uses Basic Authentication for API calls will be impacted.
  6. Can new customers use Basic Authentication post 2H 2020 release?
    1. Yes. Basic Authentication is the only supported authentication method for SFAPI. However, if your integration is based on OData API and it is a custom developed integration, we recommend that  you use OAuth for OData API calls to save the migration efforts.
  7. What is being introduced post 1H 2021 release?
    1. For SFAPIs: A new authentication mode will be introduced.
    2. For OData APIs: No changes will be done for existing authentication mode (Basic and Oauth). Post 2H 2022, basic auth will not be functional.
  8. Any impact on LMS API or ONB API?
    1. No. This announcement is only valid for all APIs that you see under Admin Center-> SFAPI Data Dictionary and Admin Center->OData API Data Dictionary. Learning and Onboarding APIs are not impacted.

NOTE: Existing customers consuming APIs prior to 1H 2021 release will be able to use Basic Authentication for SFAPI & OData API till 2H 2022. However, post 2H 2022, basic auth would no longer be supported. However, new customers who are going to start consuming SFAPI or OData API post 1H 2021 release, can only use OAuth for SFAPI and OData API calls.

be supported. However, new customers who are going to start consuming SFAPI or OData API post 1H 2021 release, can only use OAuth for SFAPI and OData API calls.


Important Note

As mentioned earlier, no action is required from you before 2H 2020 release. However, we encourage you to plan early for the migration. After the announcement, you have until the 2H 2022 Release to move all your custom integration from Basic Authentication to OAuth.


Help Resources

  1. Retirement of HTTP Basic Authentication
  2. Authentication Using OAuth 2.0
    NOTE: Document for "Retirement of HTTP Basic Authentication would be available during 2H 2020 Preview release.

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