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2969555 - Error "We couldn't create dimension" occurs randomly when creating model based on import data connection to SAP HANA in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


The following error message occurs randomly when creating model based on import data connection to SAP HANA in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC):

  • We couldn't create dimension "<dimension>". Please try again.  Details:  {"targetPerspective":"<dimension>","perspectiveType":"Generic","error":"dberror(PreparedStatement.executeQuery): 133 - transaction rolled back by detected deadlock: TrexUpdate failed on table '' with error: transaction rolled back by detected deadlock: Deadlock detected, rc=4616","stack":"Connection.prototype.executeQuery@/sap/fpa/services/core/db/DbAsHdbConnection.xsjslib:86\nDataAccess.prototype.executeQuery@/sap/fpa/services/dm/excel/DataAccess.xsjslib:93\nDataAccess.prototype.updateSchedulePackageAndGetGroupStatus@/sap/fpa/services/dm/excel/DataAccess.xsjslib:3089\nDmMediator.prototype._updateSchedulePackageAndGetGroupStatus@/sap/fpa/services/dm/excel/DmMediator.xsjslib:5112\nDmMediator.prototype.createDimensionScheduled@/sap/fpa/services/dm/excel/DmMediator.xsjslib:4969\ndoAction@/sap/fpa/services/dm/DataIntegrationScheduleManager.xsjslib:69\nJobExecutor.prototype._runJobFuncWithRetry@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/core/JobExecutor.xsjslib:124\nJobExecutor.prototype.runJob@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/core/JobExecutor.xsjslib:42\nJobExecutionController.prototype._launchJobExecutor@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/core/JobExecutionController.xsjslib:344\nJobExecutionController.prototype._handleSingleJob@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/core/JobExecutionController.xsjslib:199\nJobExecutionController.prototype.handleJob@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/core/JobExecutionController.xsjslib:47\ncallJobExecutionController@/sap/fpa/services/jqm/JobExecutionController.xsjs:17\n","sFileId":"3c268c4df9fe4c9f95d3ca4ed9379f2c"}.
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  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2020.18.2

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log on to SAC tenant.
  2. Create a new model based on import data connection to SAP HANA.
  3. Select one HANA View to build new query.
  4. Choose all dimensions and measures into Selected Data.
  5. Click the uploaded data to go to Data Preparation stage.
    => Some dimensions/measures have empty cells.
    => However, it shows "No Issues detected" for Model Requirements, and option Fill empty ID cells with "#" value is checked.
  6. Click Create Model button.
    => Sometime the model can be created successfully but sometimes it fails with error.


This issue is currently under investigation by development.


This issue is currently under investigation by development.

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