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2954189 - Cascading filter does not work properly when opening the story in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


You create 2 filters with cascading effects in a story in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC).

When you open the story and check one filter (dimension B filter in the Cause part), some members are inactive although there is data for the combination.

After you change the member of the other filter (dimension A filter in the Cause part) and change it back, the members of this filter shows as active, which is as expected.

The story is created based on a live SAC model.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2020.18.0


This filter is created by including selective list of values in the filter editor dialog. The filter defined this way is called a static filter. A special behaviour of static filter is that it remembers which filter values are hidden.  As you may be aware, filter values can be marked as hidden due to filter cascading effect. 
For example, some values in the dimension A filter has been selected/unselected. Thus some of the dimension B filter values may now be hidden.  Usually the list of hidden values are updated on the fly as you make selection changes to other filter values. However in some cases the hidden values are not updated, and one such scenario is when the model variable values are changed.

What likely has happened is that the filter selection for the dimension A filter is changed, thus causing some dimension B filter values to be hidden.  At this time the model variable values also play a part in influencing which filter values are to be hidden.  Later on, the selection change for the dimension A filter is reverted, but when you click on the dimension B filter some filter values can still be hidden simply due to what values are specified in the model variables.  Then the story is saved, and this captures the dimension B filter state regarding which values are hidden.  When the next time the story is reopened, you may specify another set of model variable values that permit more dimension values to be shown in the dimension B dimension.  But since the dimenison B filter is a static filter, it does not recalculate and figure out which filter values are supposed to be hidden, thus you see values that are not supposed to be hidden still hidden in the filter.


Make selection changes to the dimension A filter so the dimension B filter recalculates which values are to be hidden, taking into account of the latest model variable values as well.

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