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2951921 - Calculation Input Control shows cache value in Dynamic Text and Calculated Measure in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


The following behavior occurs in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC):

  • You create a calculation input control with formula.

    Then you create a dynamic text on this calculation input control.

    When you open the story, the dynamic text is showing the old value. If you go to another tab and go back to the original tab, the dynamic text is updated with the new/correct value.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2020.14.6

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open a model
  2. Edit Version dimension
  3. At the side panel, add a new property at Properties - Custom Properties, name it "test", description: "test custom property"
  4. At the grid cell, set the values to "a" and "b", see screenshot attached: AddCustomPropertytoVersion.PNG
  5. Save the model
  6. Create story, add a table on this model
  7. Add Cross Calculation to Columns
  8. Add a new Cross Calculation, choose Version dimension.,
  9. At the Version drop down, click New Calculation Input Control
  10. At the Calculation Input Control dialog, click Formula, add following formula:  FIND('a' ,[d/sap.epm:Version dimension].[p/test],[d/sap.epm:Version dimension].[p/ID] ) and save it
  11. Create a chart, add Version dimension to Dimensions, change Filter of Version dimension to include all values
  12. Add a Restricted Measure on Version dimension with value of the created Calculation Input Control
  13. Add a Page 2, add chart, add Version dimension to Dimensions, change Filter of Version dimension to include all values
  14. Add a Calculated Measure: IF([d/"model name":sap.epm:Version dimension].[p/ID]=[@Calculation Input 1] ,1 ,0 )
  15. Add a Dynamic Text on the Calculation Input Control
  16. Click drop down of Page 2, Move Left, so Page 2 will be the default page at openning
  17. Save the story
  18. Edit this model again, edit the Version dimension and change values of the custom property to "b" and "a", save the model
  19. Reopen the story, see the formula and dynamic text of Page 2 shows the old value; add a new dynamic text on the Calculation Input Control, it shows the old value as well;
  20. Switch to Page 1 then back to Page 2, check the value of Calculation Input Control in formulas and dynamic text


Version formula Calculation Input Control could only be created in Forecast or Rolling Forecast Cross Calculation in table, which is used in Restricted Measures created with Forecast or Rolling Forecast.  The re-calculation of Version formula Calculation Input Control is only called when processing Restricted Measure.  However, once the Calculation Input Control is created, user can choose to use somewhere else, e.g. Calculated Measure or Dynamic Text.


This fix is delivered in 2020.14 and higher versions.

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