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2949729 - What information do I need to provide when opening an incident for People Analytics (Report - Story)?



  • SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SuccessFactors People Analytics


1. Generic Information

System/Tenant information:

  • Customer ID
  • Data Centre

User Credentails:

  • Add credentials of existing user into the secure area if applicable.
  • See 1773689 for more information.
    Note: Share the Report - Story by using the share function in Report Centre or provide User Credentials for user directly affected. 


Collect the timestamp just before you start replicating the issue.

This will be used in case we need to check server logs as it has information about your session (which server your session was on, time and date of the session, etc..)

See KBA 2284865 - Time Stamp Explained in case you need help locating the timestamp.

Errors or Warnings:

  • Note any errors or warnings you see in the application and in the browser console (Press F12 or CTRL+Shift+J on your keyboard). 
    • See 2280022 for more information. (KBA is for native SAC application but for SF we also use the same method). 
  • Check the System > Monitor > Trace area for any errors. See the message/stack/detail columns.
    • Note: Please attach the information to the incident.

Business impact & Priority: 

Information for all Issues: 

  • Issue: Describe the issue / problem in a few sentences.

For example: User X has an issue running report A. The report returns a blank screen and no data is available. 

  • Expected Behaviour: Instead of running into your issue, what would be the expected behavior from your point of view?

For example: User X would successfully run the report and would see a pie chart showing gender diversity in our organisation.

  • Replication Steps: Provide detailed steps to replicate the issue. Please provide accompanying screenshots showing what you are doing as well.

Make sure all screenshots are uncropped, meaning they show the full browser page including the address bar

For Example:

  1. Log into SuccessFactors via IAS;
  2. Navigate to Reporting;
  3. Search for 'Report A''
  4. Run 'Report A'.
  5. See blank screen while running 'Report A'.

2. Enablement / Access Issues

3. Functional Issues

  • Please provide a screenshot of the error you are facing. 
  • Is the error consistent or intermittent? 
  • Can you please provide the UI Console Logs for any error? 
    • (Press F12 or CTRL+Shift+J on your keyboard). See 2280022 for more information.
    • Check the System > Monitor > Trace area for any errors. See the message/stack/detail columns.
  • Step-by-step to reproduce the issue? 
  • Does a simple version of the Report - Story face the same issue? 
  • Does the issue occur for all users? 
  • Video recording where necessary. 

4. Contact Details

  • Time zone: If you would like to speak to an engineer who works in the same time zone. Make sure your s-user information is up to date.
  • Phone: We cannot get in touch with you if your details are outdated. Easy to fix if you review article 1271545.

5. Attachments

  • Attachments have size and extension limits.
  • Verify that the attachment is listed after the wheel has finished spinning.

Note: Please reference the relevant attachments where necessary in the incident description.

6. Troubleshooting already Performed

  • Please highlight any steps you have already taken to resolve the issue to avoid duplication of work. For example: 
    • Different test users. 
    • Different Data Sources - Does it occur using all schema? 
    • Knowledge Base Articles, blogs, questions etc. that you have already used to troubleshoot
    • Copy the story and/or simplify or remove parts or sections of it.
    • Attach any useful information such as stack traces, console errors and warning etc based on above issues.


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