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2935834 - Behaviour of Key Figure Actual YTD


You run a Report and add Key Figure Actual YTD but the result is not as expected.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Business Analytics Work Center.
  2. Select Design Reports.
  3. For example, Search and open FINGLAU04_Q0004 Financial Statements - Plan/Actual.
  4. Regarding Selection Criteria , Put Company XXX(XXX Represents the ID of the Company).
  5. For Financial Reporting Structure, Put  YYY(YYY Represents the ID of the Reporting Structure).
  6. In the View tab, Remove Key Figures "Plan" "Variance" and "Variance %".
  7. Then Add Key Figure "Actual YTD".
  8. In column add field "Accounting Period/Year".

Result and Expectation:

Your expectation was that the results should be accumulated for example in the month February (February should be Actual YTD January+Actual YTD February).

The system is not accumulating the amounts from the previous period.


Please see below information on the Behaviour of Actual.

What is an Actual?

Actual is the balance of an item for that period range.

Calculation = opening balance + debit - credit .

As you can see in your report, the opening balance already as the ending balance of the previous period and hence the data coming is already cumulative. Expecting the sum of the balances for each period would double the amount and perhaps, a wrong calculation.

3. What is the difference between Actual and Actual YTD ?

Actual gives balances for the selected period in the fiscal year.

Actual YTD gives the balances from the first period to the current date in that fiscal year.


Please check the Cause section. Your expectation on the Key Figure Actual YTD is not the way it is working in the system. This is a standard system behaviour.


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