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How to purge External Learners from Foundation (Bizx)?

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Data Retention Management
  • External Learners
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning


The DRTM Master Data Purge does not yet target the external learner entity but the Purge inactive User can.


This KBA assumes you that:

  • you have implemented the integrated external user feature
  • you have users which were created in Foundation either through site self-registration or via API or data import that

In order for the users to be targeted by the purge you will need to change their status from active external to inactive internal and then target them for the purge.

STEP 1: identify records to be purged

You can do this from Integration Center in Bizx,

  1. Select "My Integrations"
  2. Click "Create" and Select "Scheduled simple file output integration"
  3. Search for the entity "ExternalLearners"
  4. Tick "User ID" and "Username" and click "Select"


    to advance through the configuration steps you can either click the icons as shown in the screenshot below or click Next on each page.

  5. Options: Add a description and select "Simple Header" for the Header Type > Click Next
  6. Configure fields: will display the list of external learners > Click Next twice
  7. Destination Settings: Enter the SFTP details you are sending the file to and choose File Extension = CSV > click Next twice
  8. Review and Run: select "Run Now"
  9. log in to the SFTP and check the folder you specified in step 7 for the exported file

STEP 2: change external learners status

Now that you have the list of external learners existing in Bizx, you must change their status so they can be targeted by the purge.

You can do this in 2 ways:

via API:

or via integration center (bulk update)

Prequisite: download the sample integration definition attached to this KBA and extract from the zip folder, you should have a file with ICD extension.

  1. Open the CSV file you have just exported and in the column STATUS change the value from "e" to "d" > save your file with a new name
  2. Upload the file to your sftp folder
  3. Admin center > Integration Center > select "Create" > Select "Import an integration definition" > upload the ICD file you extracted earlier
  4. Options: give a name to the integration
  5. Source Settings: enter your sftp details, the file name, file folder and select your file extension > click Next twice

  6. Review and Run: click run now > click save and continue > SAVE
    You can click on the refresh icon to see the progress of your job

  7. To verify the users were imported successfully you can repeat 1. to 6. of STEP 1 (identify records to be purged) and you should see the status change 

STEP 3: Purge


a.Please make sure that the permission role your Bizx admin belongs to has the necessary permissions on external learners:

b. Download the attached "purgeCriteria_sample.csv"  file and add the user ID for the users you wish to purge


Admin Center > Data Retention Management

  1.  Click "Create New Purge Request"> click OK on the pop up

  2. Upload your file with the records to be purged
    Note: Assignment ID is a feature introduced in b1911, and we have replaced this by User ID in our sample file

  3. select an approver and click "Schedule" or "launch Immediately"
  4. Navigate to Purge Request Monitor > Approved requests > check the status of the purge job
  5. Once completed verify the user is no longer found in Bizx and LMS

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